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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

trump's insanity and self-aggrandizing just walked all over his best press coverage on

criminal justice reform. He be happy about that because his base doesn't really like helping all those brown and black people in jail.

How likely is it that Trump will get Mitch to pass a nuke amendment so only 51 votes are needed?

Trump's shutdown should no get more media attention than Mattis resignation. Talk about both.

Wait until the beloved GOP-supported contractors being to feel the brunt of the shutdown.

How long do we think that the targeted Federal workers can hold out with no paycheck?

Do you think that many will be able to get special loans from banks etc. to take care of their families.

How many here believe the Senate will pass this new CR with the 5 billion for the wall?

Any of the Democrats who vote with the scoundrels must be defeated in 2020 if they are up for re-election.

We have to start telling folk what the GOP is doing and what they should be called:American sellouts

They are selling out their country to protect a fascist, treasonous, self-absorbed lunatic.

Trump cannot have it both ways. He claims his administration has stopped hundreds of criminals and terrorists from coming into the country at the Mexican border. If this is so, it was all accomplished WITHOUT his fucking wall!

So we do not need 5 billion for cement and work on his wall. We need 5 billion for more immigration judges, more and better trained ICE officials, and money to help build the economies and fight the crime in Central American and countries from which the migrants are fleeing.

If there is no protection for Mueller...no 5 billion for Trump's wall.

Sp Rupert Murdoch is actually President of the United States.

NOOOOooo. Not Denmark too?


making the world hate again.

Here is Trump's out: Since Gen. Mattis retired our country needs stability so no shut down for

security issues.
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