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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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I heard the " Super Predator" comment brought up as a smear against HRC re prison reform bill.

Someone needs to educate the voting populace out there about the origin of that comment. It was not HRC, she used it as quoted in a more complex discussion at a fundraiser.

Prison reform: Some thoughts to ponder

I really think the bipartisan bill that passed out of the Senate is a big step in the right direction. But before we give too much praise to the GOP and Trump understand that a lot of the decisions under the new law will rest with a far more conservative court all over the US. It was the GOP under the leadership of Mitch McConnell that kept such reforms from getting a vote through out the latter years of the Obama administration. And the bug that was put in Trump's ear early on about this was two things: Obama couldn't get it done the way he wanted to AND those being convicted under those draconian laws were becoming whiter and wealthier as rural America succumbed to out of control drug use.

While the potential for doing what will help thousands of unwarranted imprisonments, it should not be lost on anyone that Trump is going to use this woo a lot of blacks and Hispanics into voting for him in 2020. Trump received this whisper in his ears early on from his handlers...guess who?

When signed into law this will be a great thing for many poor fatherless and motherless families. How the law is implemented will be the crucial test but you have to remember that there is a huge prison-industrial-complex that needs to be supported by the GOP. By in large most of the money for rehab and retraining etc. will go to those private RW contractors that will be sprinting up. We must keep a close watch on what is happening with this law and make certain it is being enforced with justice and fairness for all.

One person had it right about Flynn: Obama knew what Mueller now knows.

He warned Trump but Trump didn't care and use Flynn for his own purposes. Sally Yates knew too. The intel was there and Obama administration was working on intel classified info. Trump saw this as an opportunity to use Flynn for his own purposes.

Bottom line: Trump is dangling a pardon right in front of us but he isn't sure what Flynn has already given up.

i'm sorry, people but that latest study on Russian interference did not just make it clearer...

it couldn't have been more clear that what Putin said at Helsinki...YES, HE HELPED TRUMP, YES HE WANTED TRUMP TO WIN. Why are folks saying that this new study is so revealing? We didn't need any more than Putin himself admitting it.

So what if Trump said "shut down the government" and nobody listened because they were home for

the holidays?

Thinking about the Super Bowl half-time show and its problems...

it comes down to this: Trump has totally ruined our way of life, our government, our churches, our schools, our businesses, our healthcare, our military, our media, our society. He was right, he could do it alone, he knows more than anybody. Everything he has talked about and touched is destroyed. In about a year, the impact of that "beautiful" tax cut will finish the job for him and Putin. Like he said, he won't be in office so he doesn't care.

Great job America, obviously your citizenship education systems have failed you.

Well, after Comey's rant yesterday it seems to me that those working for Justice and law enforcement

have to decide for themselves whether or not they are true American citizen patriots or not. Either they are for the country or against it. Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country. PERIOD!

Why don't we hear more Democrats talking about the 1.2Billion that Trump has not spent on the wall?

Why don't Dems let the world including their ignorant base know that Trump has 1.2Billion for the wall that has not been spent?

We just don't know how to fight the GOP or Trump.

No matter what happens in any of the courts, why won't the Democrats keep reminding voters

that this President and his administration have been exposed as corrupt, criminal, and incompetent? Keep reminding people that the courts are mostly in the grips of ultra-RW Trump supporters and all the crooks who have plead guilty or struck deals with Mueller know they will be pardoned or their cases will be thrown out.

We need to keep what we want people to know and think out in the atmosphere.

We must work hard to tie the GOP tax cut legislation to the downfall of the ACA. The GOP

took out the individual mandate which has subjected the ACA to repeal. WE, DEMOCRATS, MUST GET BUSY RIGHT NOW AND TIE EVERY GOP IN CONGRESS AND THE SENATE TO THIS CRUEL LEGISLATION. The legislation not only gave unwarranted tax cuts tot he wealthy but it has resulted in this challenge to the ACA.
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