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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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So Trump says we stopped 10 terrorists at the border. Guess what. If true, we did it with NO wall.


Nancy is the BOMB!!! That's why we still support her as Speaker. She knows her job.

Everyone will give Chuck his due...but Nancy was firm, respectful of the office, and abhorred by the President.
Give us some new blood at the top of the Democrats BUT let them learn at the feet of the teachers.

Isn't threatening deportation for silence a major crime? When are Trump and his co-harts

going to be charged for illegally holding undocumented workers hostage to threats of deportation? I remember when Des politicos where dismissed, fired or unable to run for office because they had hired (knowingly or unknowingly) undocumented workers whom they even paid good salaries and treated them well.

Why is there no outcry about the illegals that Trump has on his payrolls?

When the working masses finally wake up to ALL scams against them, we will look like France.

I was saddened and also scared after my trip to the grocery store. In a little over two weeks some food manufactures are scamming consumers in the most subtle ways and most of the Consumers don't notice...at least they don't notice right away.

Take a close look at those juices and other drinks you buy for the family. I bet you didn't notice that your favorite Natural Florida grapefruit juice, orange juice went from 64 oz cartons to 52 or 59 oz? Even my favorite Paul Neuman lemonade went from 64 to 59 oz. They probably will down to 52 oz in a few weeks. The cantonal all look the same and since most shoppers are weekly shoppers and don't visit supermarkets every day many will not notice these changes. There are few if any real 1/2 gallon products and few 16 oz products around. They maintain there legacy appearance and if you are a stickler for favorite brands you will probably never notice the changes. Today I noticed these four items that had downsized without any kind of acknowledgement. I know this has been going on for years but it is becoming rather than an elite exception. People who are too rich to even care about shopping won't be affected or outraged about any of this. if you are a working father and mother and witness that your groceries aren't going as far as they used to and yet you are paying higher prices you should know why.

People are suffering micro ways that will soon mount up to rage. There ought to be some kind of consumer protection against these sadistic food-skimming. This is the kind of issue a concerned politician ought to champion for the working middle class.

Impeachment vs Conviction

Technically, the House can Impeach a President with a simple majority.

The President may or may not be convicted of the charges of Impeachment. If convicted he is removed but that takes 67 votes in the Senate.

Thus, it is wrong to say that Trump would never be Impeached because the Senate is controlled by the GOP.

I say, impeach the bastard, and let it fall on the GOP controlled Senate to vote against all the evidence that would be presented and let it forever be recorded that the GOP Senators were complicit in supporting a criminal administration and condoning all the forms of lawlessness of this administration. It should make unseating them in 2020 much easier.

There is no comparison between the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the potential impeachment of Trump. The articles of impeachment drawn up against Trump would be much more serious and meet the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. Clinton had no charges related to conspiring to defraud the government with a foreign nation. There simply is no comparison. The GOP Senate ought to be made to wear that albatross if they choose to.

Before bringing the articles of impeachment, the Democrats ought to through every piece of legislation they favor at the Senate and the President. Trump will cave on many in the face of impeachment hanging out there.

I am sorry MSNBC guest. Kelly is NOT an honorable man

He is a racist. He is a liar who lied about a sitting black Congresswoman, blatantly, publicly and he never apologized. He is just like the President who selected him as chief of staff. He is military brass, yes, but they are not pure and many, like Flynn seek to use their military creeds for corrupt, dishonest purposes. The military and its brass are full of them.

So good riddance to his bigoted, lying ass.

Take a breath. SCOTUS is hearing the double jeopardy case today.

I hope these bastards don't get away with their state crimes. i do not trust this course and even RBG has said if states get to try for the same crimes it's a "double-whammy." Worrisome.

After the Maddow show last night some things began to fall into place, at least in my mind.

I will try to keep it simple.

Iran wanted to build nuke plants for domestic use and we wouldn't let them. I believe now because Iran would have been a formidable competition for our buddies the Saudis. Now it is becoming clear. No wonder the Saudis and Israelis are in alliance together in support of Kushner and Trump's dealings with Saudis. No one seriously believes that Iran would nuke anyone. It's all about the money, the resources, the economic development etc.

All that back-door stuff with Russia and Saudi Arabia is all about their economic development and to keep, what would be their biggest competition, the very resourceful and talented Iranians. Remember, most of the US Congress was against allowing Iran to develop nuclear energy just for domestic purposes. The Persians are brilliant people, and given half a chance to thrive they would just about take over all the economy of the ME and pose even competition to China in Asia. Hmmmm.

Remember when our President wasn't Russia's b**ch?



If Trump didn't want their money so much, I think he would be pissed at the 'bros greeting.

It looked as though MBS and Putin were yucking' it up with twinkles in their eyes that said "We have this fool by the balls."

Trump would do something vindictive each of them if he didn't want and need their money bigly.
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