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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 07:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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I don't recall so much pleading from the media and talking heads to honor the HRC e-mail findings.

For the past several hours all I can hear on cable from most of the talking heads is that we should honor and respect Mueller's report...even though we don't know what it is.

I do not remember such concern about respecting the outcome of the HRC e-mail investigation or the Benghazie investigations.

The media is so damn complicit in giving Trump what he wants.

If Barr refuses to turn the full report over to the Congress, some patriotic soul must leak it.

Leaking was heroic when Assange and compay did it. Snowden and Manning were considered heros.

Trump will be unstoppable not in his relentless pursuit to destroy American government and

wanton lawlessness. His entire administration will thumb their noses at Congress and defy any investigations they will conduct. They have learned that there is no consequence to thier unbridled disrespect for our Constitution, laws, traditions, and institutions.

He will now be free to be the dictator that e has longed to be. Expect a huge military parade in July with a full show of military hardware.

I hope and pray that Nancy will be able to hold the line in the House. The Senate is a loss cause.

Why the depression? The heathen rage and the wicked prosper. That's why.

I am sick to the bone.

Please do not blame the messenger. The GOP railed agains Mueller from day 1.

Now what are they going to say? That no "unelected official" should determine the status of this Presidency? I agree. All the elected officials should now step up and use what they have to impeach this evil-doer. If they do not impeach, they should at least EXPOSE all the ciminality they can.

You can now wait for the PARDONS to begin falling from the WH.

They lied their way through the entire investigation and now they will all be pardoned by the criminal-in-chief.

IMPEACHMENT should now be certain. Win or lose in the Senate. Impeach the MF!!

Trump obstructed justice in plain sight of the world. WTF did they need for proof???

This is a very troubling action by Barr. Barr needs to be impeached.

Not enough evidence??? Not enough evidence in plain sight??? WTF! If firing Comey wasn't

obstruction of justice there is no such thing. They wanted to Impeach Obama for Bill Cllinton meeting with AG Lynch on the tarmac.

Trump has successfully muted even the Intel community and law enforcement was never on our side.

After that Mueller/Barr report, turn the youngsters loose. At least they know how to fight.

I stand with all of them who express their feelings of exasperation and disbelief. That report and what Barr is doing with it should be a clarion call for Democrats and Insdependents of like mind to unify and turn the MFing Senate blue. It will be a tough fight but we need to become known for being fighters and not bystanders. The GOP has run roughshod over us for far too long.

Warren seems to be the most believable fighter among the candidates. I just can't get past 2016 and how the Bernie bros helped defeat HRC but at this point, I will even vote for Bernie if necessary.

Inslee/Warren is my favorite ticket.
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