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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 07:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Now is the time for ALL GOOD JOURNALISTS to come to the aid of their country,.

They must be fearless, relentless, dilligent, and honest.

If we are to save our nation from the ugliness spawned by the Trump administration, it is going to take a fearless media at all levels ...print, audio, TV, social media, etc. to do and say the right thing.


Next to Trump and McConnell, Lindsay Graham is the most dangerous, corrupt and evil official

in our government. The Russian must have a shitload of compramot against him...or Trump does.

He is almost unrecognizable as a Senator.

We must work hard to defeat him somehow.

Now it is time to find out if our Democrats elected to Congress can fight like the GOP did.

Will they live up to the confidence we have put in them? Will they do the right thing? Will our Senators be able to stand against the wave of obstruction that their GOP counterparts are reading to throw against them? Are there any GOP real patriots among them?

Mueller completing his investigation now without further indictments eliminates double jeopardy.

Perhaps this why Mueller closed shop now.

As I recall, there was a case going before the SCOTUS to eliminate the soverignty of states for same or similar indictments. That is now no longer a huge issue or possiblity since Mueller indicted no others. Junior, Ivanka, and even Donald are now fair game for state indictments.

Or is this just my trying to talk us down?

Reference: https://www.fedagent.com/columns/case-law-update/2619-double-jeopardy-by-separate-sovereigns-before-supreme-court

Big night for Trump. He will claim victory over Mueller and victory over GM Detroit decision

to build electronic cars here instead of outside the country. Brace yourselves it's going to be a rough ride until some charges come out of the Justice Dept. over the evidence that Mueller reported.

Out of all this one thing is true. Trump has been exposed as a big liar, cheat, racist, and

poor businessman, who wins by fraud. He is a functional illtertate, aulterer and Russian pawn. He is not a patriot. He is all about himself and no one else.


If we do not vote this regime out of office in 2020, we will become a failed democracy in short order.

Is there a drunken cabal over at FOX? nt

it's going to be a bitch having to hear and see Trump and his supporters gloating. Sad, sad day.

Huge disappointment.

When will American Jew begin to speak out about Trump labeling the Democratic party as anti Israel

and as a party that hates Jews? History means nothing to Trump but it is maddening and sad to see the media and Democrats stand by without outrages and allow this new Trumpian talking point to go forward.

When will this nightmare be over?

Trump tears up the Iran nuke agreement and now has made it more urgent for Iran to get nukes.

We can only hope that the Iranians are too smart to be goaded. But we surely have placed the internal Iranian opposition in a precarious position. Maybe even ended the oppostition except for those IDF and CIA who have infiltrated opposition movement. The move on the Golan Heights can only serve to spark Iranian nationalism. Am I wrong?

And when the blow up comes, the children of privilege among us will never go to fight. They will all have bone spurs.
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