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Member since: Sat Oct 27, 2018, 09:53 PM
Number of posts: 959

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Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

Pet Shop Boys appreciation

remixed and dropped in '93 to deal with the gay people during the fall of the USSR.

While every one was freaking out over the Northam news du jour,

We, the US, withdrew from a Nuclear arms treaty that was in effect since the 80's.

After a bombshell week of Stone crap and Trump being trump, a year book page is dropped and every Democrat loses their shit and this is the main topic.

We are soooooooooo being manipulated.

That time Orson Welles had a talk show.

and then his wine commercial

And the best, The Critic

Bonus peas/fish commercial.

A question for people who have worked in higher end restaurants.

I figure this isn't something for GD, and probably not lounge, but I didn't know where to ask this.

I live in South Indiana, so not the Mecca of food and fashion like NYC, however at a near-by casino there is a nicer restaurant that I tried to take my parents to last night.

It was 7pm, they opened at 5, and the place was completely empty on a Friday night. I went up and asked for a table and the hostess asked if we had a res, I said no, she said she could seat us at 8pm. We decided not to wait and went elsewhere.

I guess the reason I am posting this is if there are people with restaurant exp who could answer some questions for me, since I was stunned and didn't think to ask the hostess. If the place if empty, and has been open for two hours <staff, cooks, etc> why would they turn away a walk up? There was no line for people to get their 8pm res, so its not like we were going to take a table.

If they had planned for a 7pm rush, why put us at just an hour wait, when the 7 people would still be at those tables at 8?

We were overthinking this as he drove to another place to eat, but we wondered if it was because my dad was wearing blue jeans and a sweater. Mom seemed pretty hurt also saying she thought her LLBean clothes were ok... All and all, it was a pretty weird experience

Navarro just handed Santorum his ass!!!!


9:50EST. Anna Navarro did indeed hand Rick Santorum his ass, however unless you were watching CNN you would have no idea what I was referring to.

perhaps, we don't assume everyone is watching the same thing?

my local fox19 in Cincinnati actually aired the rebuttal

Im only posting this cause I'm amazed this is a large pocket of idiots

CNN new years just isn't the same without Kathy Griffin.

Last year sucked, but I hoped Andy and Anderson could get it together and find the chemistry for this year.

This year? god, its a trainwreck.

madTV classic Honey Dipper Dan

Gave my cat her Christmas prezzie early since Im going to be gone tomorrow.

It's one of those furry mice that squeak when they are moved.

I haven't seen her go this apeshit in a long time.

And tomorrow Ill be bringing home boxes!
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