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Member since: Tue Oct 30, 2018, 05:39 PM
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Trump Idolator Syndrome

What are the symptoms? I'll start. Someone suffering from TID....

1. Rails against Socialism while backing the worst Corporate, Autocratic, Rich man's Socialist in history.


FOX f'd up

Collusion is too tough to prove. The Mueller report exonerates him in spite of the evidence put forth.
So ask yourselves.. would Donald have been better off just letting the investigation proceed without all the interference and obstruction? Firing Comey, steps to fire Mueller, condemning Sessions, replacing him with Barr, etc etc? The obstruction by Trump began after the investigation into Russian interference was under way. He should have kept his mouth shut, his phone in is pocket and let the investigation proceed. He would be free and clear. Instead, he had to meddle.

The real interesting part though is the roll the Neo-Nazi Media played in all this. Fox News, Limbaugh, Breitbart and the like. They goaded Trump. The NNM steered him to obstruct by waging war against the investigation. All out war with their labels, talking points and bogus conspiracy theories. Labels like Main Stream Media (MSM), Witch Hunt, Deep State and Trump Derangement Syndrome. Had FOX welcomed the special investigation to show there was no COLLUSION with the same fervor they fought it, the OBSTRUCTION wouldn't have occurred and Trump would be sitting a lot prettier today. Fox fouled up.

Could we get the narrative out there.

While families suffer, Trump and the Senate take measures to see the one getting paid this week is Deripaska. At least someone is getting paid.

We have to amend the message on the shutdown

We are keeping Trump's promise to make Mexico pay for the wall. Put him on the defensive. You guaranteed Mexico would pay for the wall Mr. Trump. "Guarantee, Promise , Count on it folks". Mexico will pay for the wall. Remember Benghazi,Benghazi Benghazi. Horrible, but it worked. This is honest. Mexico Mexico Mexico.
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