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Member since: Thu Nov 1, 2018, 01:54 PM
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We may all be doomed.... reflections from a FB interaction

This morning, I made a rare look onto Facebook. I used to only go on Facebook to show pics of my kids doing cool things: scout projects and events, band concert, going to camp, etc. Lately I have looked at what others have posted and made a few comments.

One of my best friends from HS had posted a questionable study about hydroxychloroquine and another one of her friends asked: What does this mean in laymen's terms.

So, I laid it out. In random trials, HCQ was worse. In the double blinded (gold standard for medication testing) study, it was stopped early because HCQ caused too many deaths. Only small post hoc studies of HCQ say anything good about it.

Then I said that the only way we beat this is if we have 100% mask wearing to prevent Covid because the 'best' treatment is the steroid used in England that decreased death rates of ICU patients by 16%.

My friend, who was a National Merit Semifinalist, has a degree in Biology and was at one point a certified HS science teacher. Said that she is through with wearing masks.

She started drinking the evangelical koolaid about 20 years ago. She is educated enough to know how viruses work. And she refuses to wear a mask. It is officially a death cult. They would rather we all die, then have everyone wear a mask for 6 -12 months.

I tried to point out that in Asia they were masks whenever they don't feel well or any disease flares up in society. They actually "Live Matthew 25 and take care of the least of these." I have little doubt that I will lose a friend over this. Either she will not speak to me again or more likely she or someone in her family will get it.

College educated one of the top 2.5% of the population in terms of raw intellectual ability and she is a death cult member. I really feel like we are all doomed.
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