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Member since: Thu Nov 1, 2018, 01:54 PM
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Broidy pardon must be challenged

I would bet that Broody paid for Trump's abortion and claimed the kid was his. I'll bet he was promised a pardon to cover everything up.

A pardon must not be used in the furtherence of a crime by the president. Bribery statutes should also apply. Needs to be challenged in court and clarified by US SC.

Why no search warrants for congressional traitors?

If I had posted a picture with a bunch of white supremacists the day before the coup attempt and several of them had already been arrested for involvement in the terrorist attack, I would think that the FBI would have probable cause to search everyone in the picture: homes, cars, phones, computer, and offices.

Yet Gym Jordan, Crazy Colorado lady, Cruz, Hawley, etc have not had homes, offices, computer, and phones searched.

I just don't get it. Leaving so much time for evidence to be destroyed.

Search warrants for home, office etc. for all unmasked Rs at lock down site

It shouldn't be hard to get one of these dipshits that they have already arrested to say that the signal for who to spare was not wearing a mask. It was painfully obvious that the Q-anon and other cultist representatives were not wearing masks for a purpose. What purpose -- to say we are with you.

So, you get a warrant for every phone, computer, tablet, etc. for home (back home and DC area), office, and car for everyone who wasn't wearing a mask. I'll bet there are lots of incriminating things.

Should nail not only who we suspect Gohmert, etc but also the complicit silent ones.

This is not rocket science...they already have probably cause for the Colorado crazy as she disclosed moving Pelosi. Plus whichever of the crazies gave the tour the day before.

Possible reason for delay in dropping the big charges on the MAGA terrorists

So far, many people have been identified, located, and turned in by co-workers and family.

I think the FBI/DOJ may be waiting to drop the big charges on all these idiots because Cousin Joey is a lot less likely to turn in someone who will be facing domestic terrorism, 5 counts of felony murder, etc. in addition to the trespassing and other type crimes that they are charging now. It is one thing to turn someone in thinking that they will get probably a year in prison and a long probation and big fine for trespassing and knowing that you are sending someone you know to prison forever.

It would make sense to slow walk public facing charges as they bring people in and explain that they are going to be facing real charges if they don't walk us up the food chain toward the top of one of the white supremacist groups, major politicians, trump inner circle folks.

People keep turning in the little folks.

Notice that the two that everyone knows will be facing felony murder (fire extinguisher fireman and flagpole police beater guy) have not been turned in by anyone.

Terrorism has consequences -- thoughts on minimum and maximum penalties

Terrorists -- domestic or foreign -- are subject to complete forfeiture of all assets, both foreign and domestic.

If you want to end Q and the rest of this. You seize all the assets of everyone who was present to begin with. Use that money to pay for the computer replacements, prison, police work etc.

YOu dangle the carrot that they might get to keep something if they move you high up the food chain.

Also, every one who set foot past those gates is culpable of all the crimes that occurred. No one sees lesss than 10 years in prison.

All who are formal military who were not dishnorably discharged (and therefore not bound by the military code) are brought in and face court martial.

Any police officer involved is charged with all 5 counts of felony murder. They know the law. They know what they were doing was illegal. They know that the result of a felony falls on all cofelons. I am against the death penalty so they can serve five consecutive life sentences in a federal prison.

Someone who gives up the capitol police chief or the officers who were involved might get down to ten years. You can get me one of the Trump children, or other major player you can get down to ten years.

That's my minimum.

What I really think... all of them forfeit every asset foreign or domestic -- if their name is on it -- the US government now owns. If it is a house, so sorry to the rest of the family, but be grateful we aren't what you are because the whole family would be guilty by association. They are all sentenced to life in prison without parole hearings for a very long time, preferable never for most of them.

Appropriate legal response to yesterday

4 people died during an organized felony activity. Let that sink in.

Everyone that they arrest should be charged with at bare minimum: terrorism, felony trespassing, felony B&E, conspiracy, weapons charges related to federal land, and 4 counts of murder with special circumstances.

Depending on how money changed hands with higher ups to arrange this, there may be RICO.

Since these were terrorists -- all sorts of the patriot act provisions would fall into play.

Start with the capital clown cops who let people in and took selfies with the criminals. Start seizing every asset they own as you would do with every other terrorist. If they get you up the food chain to the organizers, you take the death penalty off the table. If they give you lots of evidence without having to sift through every inch of their cyber history you let the 4 murder charges be served at the same time instead of consecutively.

Absolutely no one who set foot on the capitol building gets out in less than 15 years unless they have info on the inner circle of Trump, Ghouliani, and the kids.

This must be the end of the Proud Boys and every other white supremacist group. Empty gitmo and put all of them there if you have to.

Whoever at the DoD who didn't authorize the requested use of the National Guard needs to be guard in the conspiracy as well.

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