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Ten million reasons to vaccinate the world

Source: The Economist

This week we are publishing our estimate of the true death toll from covid-19. Using known data on 121 variables, from recorded deaths to demography, we have built a pattern of correlations that lets us fill in gaps where numbers are lacking. Our central estimate is that 10m people have died who would otherwise be living—more than three times the recorded number. Official figures suggest that the pandemic has struck in waves, and that the rich countries have been hit hard, while much of the developing world has seemed to get off lightly. But the overwhelming majority of the 6.7m or so deaths that nobody has counted have been in poor and middle-income countries. The virus has spread remorselessly from rich countries to poorer ones—and it is still doing so. Our findings contain an urgent warning. Unless vaccines go global, the tragic scenes now unfolding in India risk being repeated elsewhere. Millions more will die.

Read more: https://www.economist.com/leaders/2021/05/15/ten-million-reasons-to-vaccinate-the-world?utm_campaign=the-economist-this-week&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_source=salesforce-marketing-cloud&utm_term=2021-05-13&utm_content=ed-picks-article-link-1&etear=nl_weekly_1

This is truly scary. It is not surprising but still humbling and awful to think that there are 10 million people dead and that many of them would be alive if not for the mismanagement of preparedness and responses based on the WHO report.

Unless vaccines go everywhere, new deadlier variants will arise and travel across the globe with no regard for boundaries. Some may even develop that will be resistant to vaccine immunity -- and they may strike more quickly than new boosters can be developed, tested, and delivered.

We weep for the ten million already dead and am speechless for the countless more millions likely to die.

CDC approved Pfizer for 12-15 year olds

Woo hoo.

CDC approved Pfizer and my pharmacist said the system should be set to not kick out our14 year old son from booking an appointment either tomorrow or Friday once corporate fixed the website.

He has a chance for a normal summer.

So excited 😆
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