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JT45242's Journal
JT45242's Journal
October 28, 2022

Early voted in Iowa City today..steady long line

I hope that the long steady line of people at the early voting location is good news for the good guys and bad news for the fascists like Grassley, covid Kimmy. And milker-meeks who claims to be a doctor and voted against insulin, negotiate bdtug prices, and veterans.

I know Iowa City runs blue, so hopefully all those women in line behind were getting an early start on Roevember.

October 5, 2022

Judge good but Ruth was great

Judge's season is very good, but let's not get ahead of ourselves with recency bias.

Judge is looking at a OPS+ of around 210 which would be Ruth's ninth or tenth best season. (2.10 times the average MLB player)

This year judge may win the triple crown hitting .311 with 131 rbi and 135 runs. OPS of 1.111 with 175 strikeouts. With a juiced ball relative to the 1920s in smaller ballparks, Which helps with HR but hurts batting average.

Ruth's 1927, 60 hr season, which had an ops+ of 225 was his fifth best season. Ruth hit .356 and didn't win the batting title. 165 RBI wasn't enough that year to win the rbi title (some guy named Gehrig beat him, courtesy of 137 walks that year). 158 runs. OPS of 1.258. 89 strikeouts. FYI Ruth had 8 triples that year and one more double than judge has this year.
How many MVP could Ruth have won if you were allowed to win in back to back years?

Ruth's 1920&21 seasons were even more ridiculous with 255 & 239 as OPS+.

Judge is having a great season in this era of launch angles and ultimate outcomes of hr, strikeouts, and walks, but not the greatest season of all time.

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