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cayugafalls's Journal
cayugafalls's Journal
March 30, 2023

Call them what they are. GQP are gutless sellouts to the NRA. Don't stop saying it.

We all know this as a FACT. The GQP are Sellouts to the NRA.

Why is this an important message? Because it is the only one that matters right now and it will stop dead in the tracks ANY OF GQPs' OTHER SOUNDBITES.

Drag Queen bans? You're a sellout to the NRA and let CHILDREN DIE in schools because you won't ban AR15s', but you think a Drag Queen is more dangerous? Please explain yourself? Go ahead, we're listening.

Books that discuss slavery or racism? You're a sellout to the NRA and won't ban AR15s' and will let CHILDREN DIE in schools, but you will BAN a book because some child might get some feels. Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Transgenderism? You're a sellout to the NRA and let people murder innocent people in mass shootings and will not ban AR15s' but you want to ban a Transgender person from using their preferred restroom because someone might get some feels? Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Woke Culture? You're a sellout to the NRA and continue to SLEEP on the fact that a simple BAN of the AR15 will SAVE LIVES, yet you focus on "woke" as if being awake and aware of the PROBLEM is somehow bad? Please explain yourself, we're listening.

Time to throw these GQP'ers out with the bath water...let them open their ugly mouths and then shove it back at them.

You are a SLAVE to the NRA and have nothing else to say except utter bullshit deflection and ignorance.

Carry on...no peace until they shut the fuck up.

March 22, 2023

They School while we are living in a Police State.

The news is full of white pepo...it is as if there is no color in this country but white, yet the only time we see black or brown is when it is stained with red.

Every now and then the media trots out someone who has been beaten down and tamed to 'color' their message and try to make it seem as if they are not full of BULLSHIT!

White supremacists' are raising their ugly heads like cockroaches in the moonlight. Whitewashing school agendas even worse than before and killing people for just BEING.

Dead Prez - Police State

Dead Prez - They School (Fuck Ron DeSatan...)

Fucking sick of it...

Rant off...
February 10, 2023

Finally got tickets...

I heard they are resurrecting early proto punk

The Howlers ft. the Shrieking Boeboon

February 8, 2023

I could not be prouder of our President. A masterful speech. Skillfully given!

I have never seen Mr. President in better form. He is not taking any garbage and letting them all know he has their number.

This is how it is done. Hold your ground. Give nothing.

Take them to heel.

Go Joe, Go!!

February 8, 2023

Ready, Aim, ABSOLUTE FIRE!!!

Joe is taking them down ONE by ONE!

February 4, 2023

Ren - Genesis

Ren is currently undergoing treatment in Canada for his ongoing battle with Lyme Disease.

An incredible new artist...generational, I really hope he blows up. His "Hi Ren" video released on 15th December 2022 is already over 4.2 million views so Ren is doing something right.

January 5, 2023

Daisy The Great - Glitter - 12/06/2021 - Pamnation HQ - New York, NY

Daisy the Great is an American indie pop band from Brooklyn led by Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker.[1] The song "Record Player" from their debut album (a new version of their 2017 debut single "The Record Player Song" ) was released in August 2021, with additional verses and production performed by AJR.[2] It went to number 6 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart.[3]

As of October 2022, they have amassed over 1.1 million monthly streamers on Spotify.


Their harmonies are freaking killer. So happy to 'hear' music like this again.

December 23, 2022

Parcels - Live Vol. 1

December 23, 2022

Hi Ren

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