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cayugafalls's Journal
cayugafalls's Journal
May 23, 2022

Maneskin - Beggin' (Official Video)

Super tight, got both their albums on vinyl, nice to see them getting some well deserved recognition.

Måneskin (Italian: [ˈmaːneskin, ˈmɔː-],[1] Danish: [ˈmɔːnəˌske̝nˀ];[2] Danish for 'moonlight') is an Italian glam rock band formed in Rome in 2016. The band is composed of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio.[3] Performing in the streets in their early days, they rose to prominence after finishing second in the eleventh season of the Italian talent show X Factor in 2017. Their international breakthrough ensued when the foursome won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song "Zitti e buoni".


May 4, 2022

Maggot Brain

Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time
For y'all have knocked her up
I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
I was not offended
For I knew I had to rise above it all
Or drown in my own shit

Go on, maggot brain
Go on, maggot brain

George Clinton
April 30, 2022

Friday Night Album Rock - The Stooges - Fun House - 1970

A true masterpiece of an album that starts tight and raw and slowly degrades into an all out manic thrash of punk and jazz mania, one of my all time favorites for a Fried-day night spin session, enjoy, cayugafalls.

Fun House is the second studio album by American rock band the Stooges. It was released on July 7, 1970 by Elektra Records. Though initially commercially unsuccessful, Fun House developed a strong cult following. Like its predecessor and its successor, it is generally considered integral in the development of punk rock.


According to Cleveland.com writer Troy L. Smith, "What was once dismissed as something too raw and primal, now sits as a work of unparalleled hard-rock genius", while music historian Simon Reynolds says "it clearly stands out as the most powerful hard-rock album of all time."

In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked Fun House number 191 on their list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, maintaining the rating in a 2012 revision, and moving it up to number 94 in the 2020 reboot of the list. Melody Maker said that it is, "no contest, the greatest rock n' roll album of all time". Lenny Kaye, writing for eMusic, called it a "rock and roll classic" and "one of the most frontal, aggressive, and joyously manic records ever". In The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), Scott Seward claimed that, although saying so "risks hyperbole", Fun House is "one of the greatest rock & roll records of all time" and that, "as great as they were, the Stones never went so deep, the Beatles never sounded so alive, and anyone would have a hard time matching Iggy Pop's ferocity as a vocalist."


April 28, 2022

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" is a song by American rock band the Stooges. Released as the group's debut single from the band's 1969 self-titled debut album. The riff is composed of only three chords (G, F♯ and E), is played continuously throughout the song (excepting two brief 4-bar bridges). The 3-minute-and-9-second-long song, with its distortion-heavy guitar intro, single-note piano riff played by producer John Cale of the Velvet Underground, and steady, driving beat, gave the cutting edge of the early heavy metal and punk sound.

In 2004, the song was ranked number 438 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". Pitchfork Media placed it at number 16 on its list of "The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s".


April 22, 2022

Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son

Carry On...

April 16, 2022

Bootsy Collins feat. Fantaazma - Hip Hop Lollipop

Happy Fried-Day Night All...

April 14, 2022

We need to stop it now.

The republicans have latched onto Nazi talking points and propaganda techniques and are not going to let go.

Let’s recap.

The republicans say democrats are demon, evil, pedophiles who sacrifice children and drink their blood.

Let that sink in. Why? Because they now say it out loud at EVERY opportunity. It is the new norm for their party and we seem to just be shrugging it off and calling it crazy talk.

BULLSHIT, it is dangerous propaganda designed to dehumanize a perceived threat so that mass executions will seem normal.

This is what the Nazi propaganda machine did to those they deemed “others”. The Nazi propaganda machine demonized and dehumanized the people who they targeted in order to give their followers a common enemy, so that the “cleansing” could begin. It is an old tactic used by vicious leaders.

Look at Ukraine. Look at what Putin and his army are doing. Look at TFG and his followers.

It is happening here. Just look at the news.

And nobody is calling them out. Nobody is calling them Nazi propagandists. Nobody is telling them they are using the same tactics the Nazi machine used to dehumanize the “other”.


Oh, sure, a few of the good one’s on our side are calling them out, but it needs to be SAID. Say the words. They want to label me a pedophile. So be it.

I’ll label them Nazi Propagandist. I’ll say it every time they speak ill of our party and liberals in general.

Nazi Propagandist, every last one of them.

GOP > Germany’s Old Party…

Time to fight like we mean it. Words are a very powerful weapon and we need to use words against them.

There is still time to turn this around, but our leaders need to start calling them out.

Good trouble.

April 5, 2022

When a cover helps redefine a genre...Chop Suey - The Dead South

Between Billy Strings and the Dead South, bluegrass is being redefined and bringing in new fans from all genres of rock, heavy metal and nu metal.

The Dead South are continuing this trend with their latest drop, Chop Suey, a cover of System of a Down's incredible version.

Presented here for your enjoyment, both versions...peace, cayugafalls.

The Dead South - Chop Suey

System of a Down - Chop Suey
March 29, 2022

From the upcoming album. Jack White. Taking me Back and Fear of the Dawn

Drops on April 8th.

Fear of the Dawn

Taking Me Back

March 28, 2022

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Chris Rock made a joke about Wil's wife.

Will walks on stage and slaps Chris then goes back to his seat and yells to "keep my wife's name out you fucking mouth"

Best Oscars ever...

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