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BoomaofBandM's Journal
BoomaofBandM's Journal
January 6, 2019

Right wing media

Does anyone else think there is a higher number of republicans than usual spewing on all media this morning? I used to be able to listen to what people with differing views had to say, but no longer. If this keeps up, who needs fox? They are all being paid to perform by the same very rich people. I am feeling a bit paranoid.

January 5, 2019

Camp David

I need some mental distraction, so I am visualizing the man who thinks he is king and his cabinet spending the weekend at Camp David like a 1980's or 1990's corporate retreat. You know, Sarah folding her arms and falling backwards and trusting Kelly Ann to catch her.
Or them all holding a hedonistic dark ceremony ala a Midsomer Murder episode of a crazy small town.
I also took a break to watch Pharels Happy video, in celebration of our new diverse house of reps, did make me click my fingers.
Just a little thought, I have worked with and for a lot of repubs. They do think bottom line and money over all else. Anyone else think a blue wave flu might be a possibility? Even just one day in support of government workers, and as a caution as to our economic power. No going out to spend money anywhere. Nothing to put anyone's jobs at risk. Maybe naive of me, but desperate times and all that.
So off I go to put pins in an orange haired troll doll's body while chanting giberish, much as he chants to all of us.
Let's stay strong 😊

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