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Lock him up.

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Member since: Fri Dec 14, 2018, 09:16 PM
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The dumb Fs... it burns!!

“the whistleblower is not white,” one 4chan commenter asserted Thursday, probably misreading a part of the complaint in which the whistleblower calls himself or herself a “non-White House official.” “see second set of bullet points on page 3. trump only has a handful of non white staff. I wonder who it might be.”

They don't know how to read (like the racist fascist POS criminal they idolize)...

Amateur pro-Trump ‘sleuths’ scramble to unmask whistleblower: ‘Your president has asked for your help’
From: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/amateur-pro-trump-sleuths-scramble-to-unmask-whistleblower-your-president-has-asked-for-your-help/ar-AAHYQOl?ocid=spartanntp

Counter-attack the GOP's accusations of "Communism"/"Socialism" with the truth:

The republicans implement their version of Communism/Socialism for the 1% only, A.K.A. their highest donors.

To pay them back ten fold or more, they want to cut Obamacare for over 20 million people over and over again.

Like their idol, Putin, who is a Communist for the Oligarchs only, the republicans are Communists for the 1%.

I haven't heard that defense from racially-attacked Dems yet. Correct me if I'm wrong. TY

What would a Russian Asset do to sow discord more than he does?

(Projecting again.)

First it's total exoneration (false), then it's...

Trump blasts Russia probe as 'an attempted overthrow of the United States government' (false)


The dangers of not starting impeachment hearings grow exponentially every day. He can't stop doubling down.

Lock him up.

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