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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 1,656

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I am clinging to this yard sign like a life raft

please put one out if you can

we must make a stand starting at our own front doors


GOP on House Floor using Political Correctness to Shut Down Free Speech ("Racist")

Why does Chuck Todd pretend he has never seen Jacob Soboroff's reporting??

or Julia Aninsely's???

They all work at MSNBC! There is no excuse, Chuck!

"Tie a mylar blanket 'round the old oak tree" -- LET'S DO THIS #CloseTheCamps

Well I'm in twitter jail again. So I'll be pushing this 24 HOURS from now on twitter, but pushing it here now.

To show solidarity with decent Americans and as one of many forms of protest, tie a mylar ribbon or blanket around a tree trunk in your front yard. Mylar blankets are very inexpensive, just a few dollars. Available many places including on Amazon.

trump wants capitulation. When we RESIST, when we refuse to give up and give in, we are winning. He wants to force us to our knees in silence. Don't let him.

Thanks to Maru Kitteh for the idea to use silver mylar as the ribbon color --- the same mylar being used as "blankets" in Trump's tender years concentration camps.


Would u be willing to tie a ribbon on a tree in your yard to symbolize Close the Camps

Maybe a black ribbon tied around the trunk of a tree in your front yard, to symbolize the evil being done?

Can we get this going?

The GOP wants to normalize rape

Would you chalk your driveway with "CLOSE THE CAMPS"?

TMZ: trump had nude underage model serve vodka at his Super Bowl party

yes an older article but guess what - this is his life-long pattern of sick abuse and assault of women, then lying about it


The Donald now is casting blame at the 17-year-old girl who ended up naked at his party. The girl showed up at Trump Vodka's Super Bowl party slinging his vodka without a stitch of clothing. Trump says she's just a publicity whore.

His reps tell TMZ -- with a straight face -- that Chanell Elaine Hallett crashed the party, and just happened to have her whole body painted with Trump Vodka logos. BTW, the so-called party crasher was allowed to serve up the vodka. Trump's rep says, "Given the circumstances, we can only guess that she crashed the event to seek publicity for herself."

REMINDER TO THE WORLD: trump raped a woman in a Bergdorf's dressing room

Posted by EveHammond13 | Sun Jul 7, 2019, 02:14 PM (2 replies)

omg so cool - Michelle Obama Look Book - 279 photos of her First Lady fashion

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