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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 06:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,280

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trump presser: howler monkey trump throwing feces against the wall "Demand Biden transparency"

Demanding transparency from Biden about the "millions of dollars taken out of Ukraine and Gyna"

Accusing Dem Leadership of threatening president of Ukraine

"It's all a big hoax"

"We've informed Kevin McCarthy about transparency -- we've told him to vote for it. We'll get 100% of the Republican vote for transparency." ????

trump presser: clearly he thinks a firehose of lies about the economy is his way out

Just to say it again. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president.

Let's revisit this statement: "I'm fucked. My presidency is over."

that was a different Nancy Pelosi at the Atlantic forum today

relaxed, full of quips, humorous, and on point.

We need this as a party and a country.

are those who said Impeachment would never happen still saying conviction in Senate ...

will never happen?

the GOP Senators must be forced to either remove trump or eat their own treasonous sht in public. One or the other.

Ivanka Trump a corrupt board member of fraud-ridden Trump Foundation

Trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations that he used it for personal and political benefit

President Trump has agreed to shut down his embattled personal charity and to give away its remaining money amid allegations that he used the foundation for his personal and political benefit, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood announced Tuesday.

Underwood said that the Donald J. Trump Foundation is dissolving as her office pursues its lawsuit against the charity, Trump and his three eldest children.

Underwood said Tuesday that her investigation found “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more.”

The shuttering comes after The Washington Post documented apparent lapses at the foundation. Trump used the charity’s money to pay legal settlements for his private business, to purchase art for one of his clubs and to make a prohibited political donation.

this is the fund they used to pay bribes to Attorneys General to cover up the Trump University fraud

OOPS I forgot the link. EDIT TO ADD


and the purpose of posting this is to juxtapose the allegations against Hunter Biden to the ACTUAL fraudulent activity of the trump kids

Eric Trump funneled cancer charity money to his business --- remind everyone

this isn't speculation -- it happened.


Forbes reported Tuesday that the Eric Trump Foundation paid the Trump family business hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last seven years for use of one of the organization's golf courses, funds which he claimed were being donated nearly in full to the children's cancer charity.

...paying high sums for use of Trump properties during fundraisers and redonating some funds to charities friendly with Trump interests.

The trump kids are fraudsters and sleaze bags.

Trump 2013 OpEd: We must 'leave borders behind,' future depends on 'cohesive global economy'

Trump 2013 OpEd: We must 'leave borders behind,' future depends on 'cohesive global economy'

somewhat different from the right-wing crap he spewed at #UNGA this morning, huh.

Trump wrote that "cultures and economics are intertwined" in today's society, and that it was necessary to "work with each other for the benefit of all."

"My concern is that the negligence of a few will adversely affect the majority," he wrote.

Trump continued: "In this case, the solution is clear. We will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial stability."

The real-estate mogul concluded his op-ed by writing that the future of the US and Europe "depends on a cohesive global economy."


Un-fucking-believable. trump is trolling Greta Thunberg on twitter.


She kicked him in the balls at #UNGA, "stole" his Nobel Prize nomination --- and now he's lashing out like the deranged freak he is.

How the Fuck does Ivanka stay on the sidelines, with her Christmas morning smile, WHILE daddy attacks a child on twitter?

This whole family is trash. Absolute trash.
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