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Evolve Dammit

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Member since: Sat Jan 26, 2019, 02:51 PM
Number of posts: 15,491

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In the face of clear evidence of a coup, why in the world are we not indicting 45 and accomplices?

We are burning daylight folks. There is no turning back if those that plotted. financed and conducted this coup on Democracy are not charged. It's been over 9 months. Does DOJ have any interest? The 1/6 committee has issued subpoenas. In another six months, maybe there will be responses. Maybe. Then we're into mid-terms and Dems may be in for a rude surprise. Not wishing, just observing both nationally and in my neck of the woods.

Stop giving a twice-impeached, failure of a former President media coverage. MSM can't contain

themselves, can they? Too much revenue. It is disgusting that this sociopath, pathological liar, tax cheat and mob boss has not been run into exile. MSM and mis/dis-information (thanks Facebook and the dark web) are largely why we're here. And of course Vlad's buddies.
Posted by Evolve Dammit | Wed Sep 8, 2021, 04:38 PM (14 replies)

Is DOJ hamstrung? I'm not sure under Garland's leadership that accountability and prosecution

are priorities. I'm contrasting to the arrests ironically under the previous administration (Manafort, Stone, etc.) for crimes committed. And can we ever have an un-redacted Mueller report?? Perhaps DOJ is as divided as America.
Posted by Evolve Dammit | Wed Sep 8, 2021, 03:41 PM (46 replies)

Two words made a huge impact on where we are as a divided nation: "Fake News."

Millions no longer trust viable news sources and instead embrace what their peers recommend or looks attractive. This strategy is not unique, is modeled after other previous autocrats, and has proven to be quite effective. The message is so tried and true that other autocratic leaders across the globe have been copying the resurrection by the one that made it popular again in the greatest democracy in the world. Accusations, actual charges, counts of impeachment, sexual assault suits, Covid, were all hoaxes and "fake news." Masks and vaccinations make you "look weak" and are dismissed openly, while embraced secretly. Military service is for "losers and suckers". It's OK not to disclose or pay taxes as an "elected" official and it's fine and dandy to mock, abuse, ridicule and threaten anyone who doesn't agree with the autocratic cult. "Lock her up," "Lock them up" all fire the bellies of the red meat "base". It's even OK to say elections are "rigged" and the outcome must be fraudulent. Based on what? Nothing. It's the huckster, con-artist carnival barker that has the biggest megaphone and today the message is amplified in seconds around the world.

Two words resonate with millions and you don't have to offer evidence or prove a damn thing. So easy. So effective. No soul or humanity required. Putin must be thrilled and Roy Cohn would be very proud.
Posted by Evolve Dammit | Sat Sep 4, 2021, 04:38 PM (13 replies)
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