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Member since: Sun Feb 3, 2019, 09:31 PM
Number of posts: 516

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Liz Cheney on This Week spouting her vile lies

It is difficult to believe that she has a Senate seat waiting for her.

Just like Marcia Blackburn did. It is just too easy for the GOP.

Trump is using a Great Depression era agency to pay farmers for losses caused by his trade war

USDA is tapping into the Commodity Credit Corp., a federal agency given authority during the Great Depression, to implement the farm aid. However, the Agriculture secretary insisted U.S. tariff revenue would be used to help support the aid program.

“It is using CCC funding,” Perdue said, adding that tariff revenue goes directly into the Treasury. “The president feels very strongly that the tariff revenue is going to be used to support this program, which will come back out and replenish the CCC, as it does every year.”


What an asshole.

On 'Meet the Press' today Bernie Sanders repeatedly slammed the "Democratic establishment"

What is a casual viewer supposed to get out of that?

Why isn't Bernie/Liz's pet issue of "breaking up the big banks" discussed anymore?

Yes, it is 2019 and the Financial Collapse of 2008 is way behind us. Banks are financially healthy again.

In reality Dodd-Frank forces the banks to keep enormous amounts of capital to absorb losses.

But they never mention it anymore.

What households in each country spend on food

Americans spend just 6.4% of their household income on food. That’s according to the latest figures compiled by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Generally speaking, the more developed a country is, the smaller the percentage of household income it spends on food, as this map shows.

There are only eight countries in the world that spend less than 10% of their household income on food. Four of these are in Europe: the UK is third at 8.2%, followed by Switzerland at 8.7%; Ireland spends 9.6% and Austria 9.9%.

The remaining four countries are spread across the globe. The US spends the least at 6.4%, Singapore spends the second lowest amount at 6.7%. Canada spends 9.1% on food, while Australia spends 9.8%.


If iPhones (which are all assembled in China) get a 25% tariff slapped on them

there will be many pissed off Americans.

Now that said I believe tariffs are only applied to the value added in that country and not the whole price of the item but I am not sure.

Anyway Apple stock is down $150 billion in market cap in just a week.

60 Minutes is running a segment on how the prices of GENERIC drugs are manipulated

Interesting they focus on generics.

I pay $10/month for my single generic (w/ insurance).

My favorite right wing nut job TV show ever - the Chris Elliot Jr Show

If you're old enough you loved him!

New Monmouth poll - only 10% of Americans have a positive view of socialism

A majority of Americans say socialism is incompatible with American values, and only 10 percent of voters in a new poll have a positive view of socialism.

A Monmouth University Poll survey released Monday found that 57 percent of voters believe that socialism is incompatible with American values, compared to 29 percent who said it is compatible.


With a GOP POTUS there aren't as many gold, seed, and Doomsday bunker/shelter ads on TV.

Because the Glenn Beck idiots all thought we would descend into a lawless Mad Max society with Obama as President.

Those were happy days.

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