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Member since: Sun Feb 3, 2019, 09:31 PM
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The 10 Jobs Disappearing the Fastest (Thanks Automation)


2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -52 percent

File Clerks
2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -46 percent

Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors and Machine Operators
2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -44 percent

Data Entry Keyers
2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -36 percent

Order Clerks
2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -36 percent

Production Worker Helpers
2008-2018 U.S. Jobs Change: -30 percent

Amy K first up on Meet The Press

Andrea is giving her a lot of time.

Trump warns Sanders he is being cheated again

The Democratic Party is again trying to manipulate its presidential primary elections, President Donald Trump suggested in a two-part tweet on Saturday night.

“The Democratic National Committee, sometimes referred to as the DNC, is again working its magic in its quest to destroy Crazy Bernie Sanders....,” the president began, following those remarks with: “....for the more traditional, but not very bright, Sleepy Joe Biden. Here we go again Bernie, but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get screwed!“

Sanders, whom Trump frequently refers to as “Crazy Bernie,” doesn’t usually get Trump‘s sympathy or support, except when the president is implying that Democrats are doing inappropriate things to keep him away from the party’s presidential nomination. It was a common refrain by Trump both during and after Sanders’ battle with Hillary Clinton. “Bernie Sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of the complete theft of the Dem primary by Crooked Hillary!,” he tweeted in November 2017.


The Amazingly True Story of Jeshua Cottontail (The Easter Rabbit) betrayed by Barkus Iscariot

For 30 pieces of Kibbel.

To right-wingers "socialism" means giving free stuff to people who don't deserve it.

Which is incorrect of course. Socialism is the public ownership of the means of production to us academics and pedants. Therefore Social Security is not socialist because recipients earned it.

That is why referring to Social Security as socialist falls on deaf ears.

Point being that trying to educate people who believe in a 6000 year old Earth and think global warming is a hoax is itself a complete waste of time.

Don't believe it? Check out Huffington Post:


Obama says it's OK to ask immigrants to learn English

Former President Barack Obama recently suggested “it’s not racist” to say immigrants in the U.S. should learn English.

“Should we want to encourage newcomers to learn the language of the country that are moving to? Of course. Does that mean that they can never use their own language? No. Of course that doesn’t mean that,” Obama stated at a recent town hall held in Berlin, Germany.

“It’s not racist to say if you’re going to be here, then you should learn the language of the country that you just arrived at, because we need to have some sort of common language in which all of us can work and learn and understand each other,” Obama continued.

Some used that comment to criticize what they see as Democrats’ transformation into a party opposed to immigration enforcement.


President Obama - always with the right nuance on a difficult subject.

Bill Maher last night: "Mike Pence is so homophobic that"

"he eats a banana from the side"

Employers pay over 2/3 of the health care premium costs for employee families

(family of four)

The largest share of the total cost is the health insurance premium paid by employers.

Last year, the premium for the most popular health plan offered by employers — what is known as a preferred provider organization — for family coverage was $19,481, according to the annual survey done by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust.

Employers paid $13,430 and employees paid $6,050 of the premium on average.


If single-payer ever became a reality employers would benefit the most.

Fundraising failures could torpedo Warren presidential campaign

This is how far Elizabeth Warren’s star has fallen: she had a head start over all of her main presidential rivals, a full three months to woo donors and raise money, and she is trailing someone who’s not even officially in the race.

The Massachusetts senator’s relatively paltry $6 million haul for the first quarter of 2019 fell $1 million short of the new Democratic sensation, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is not planning to announce his campaign until this weekend.

Warren raised three times less money than her main progressive rival, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, who raised $18 million in just six weeks of campaigning. Sen. Kamala Harris, who has been running for just two months, outraised Warren by $6 million.


Total Medicare Trust Fund tax receipts were $296 billion in 2018


(primary source - Medicare)

Total US health expenditures were $3.5 TRILLION in 2018 - over 10 times what the Trust Fund collected.

So how much would Medicare taxes need to rise for MFA?

Edit - Add the $93 billion in Supplemental Disability if desired.
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