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Wow, Linda Ronsdtadt covered Joni Mitchell's "River" way back in 2000

Thank you Youtube.

I will always love Joni most but this version by Linda is wonderful,

A Joe Biden/Barack Obama ticket passes Constitutional muster according to legal experts

But what about the 22nd Amendment that forbids someone from RUNNING for POTUS for a third term?

Michael Dorf, a professor at Cornell Law School, gave his opinion on the issue in an interview with the Washington Post in 2015.

“The drafters of this language [of the 22nd Amendment] knew the difference between getting elected to an office and holding an office,” Dorf explained. “They could have just said ‘no person may hold the office of president more than twice.’ But they didn’t.”

Indeed, Dorf even signaled that the present-day Supreme Court’s hands would be tied on the matter. In a case from 1968, the Court ruled eligibility requirements that restrict people from running for federal office had to be read with a narrow interpretation — that is, the letter of the law mattered more than a broad interpretation of the rules. To rule differently now would thwart the established precedent created more than 50 years ago.

Looking at the 22nd Amendment with a narrow lens, it’s clearly written in a way to allow a former president to run as someone else’s vice president. It may not have been the collective authors’ intent for that to have happened, but they didn’t consider disallowing it either.


The Amendment is LITERAL and allows him to serve again. Take that Federalist Society! Those are the words of the Constitution!

President Obama, we need you now to save your legacy.

From CNN in 2015 "US passes Saudi Arabia to become number one oil producer in the world"

Oil production has grown so much that last summer the nation caught and passed Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer. Before Obama leaves office, domestic oil production could top the U.S. record set in 1970.


Did I just hear the Liar-in-Chief try to take credit for this?

We also produced record amounts of clean energy and natural gas in 2015.

Thanks Donnie the Liar!

Photos Show What Humans Have Done To The Planet


They created over 50 images capturing the impact of humans on the Earth, like a sprawling, 30-acre garbage dump in Kenya, large swaths of deforestation in Borneo and waterways damaged by oil siphoning in Nigeria.

Their expansive, multidisciplinary body of work is called The Anthropocene Project.

The project, which includes photography, film, virtual reality and augmented reality, took four years to complete and launched in September 2018. The exhibition is currently on display at the Fondazione MAST Museum in Bologna, Italy. And their film will be shown in the U.S. this fall.

The Earth is sick.

Why is it suddenly important to rehabilitate the toxic term "socialism"?

I don't get it.

The only thing I can think of is that one certain candidate who is running as a Democrat has hitched his wagon to the term.

Is there any other reason?

Please do tell.

Why are Lib celebrities like Tom Hanks, Clooney so nice and Cons like Jon Voight/James Woods such

bitter assholes?

I could name 50 more that fit the same pattern.

They're all rich with royalties rolling in for life so it is not money.

I just don't get it. I refuse to put money into the center of the divide.

Alabama man mowing vets lawns for free gets tickets from Delta to do all 50 states


“We mow lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms and veterans,” Smith told AJC.com as he drove from New York back to Alabama on Saturday morning. “For my fifth time across the country, I’m just doing a tour for the veterans to thank them for their service.”

Smith, 29, has been mowing lawns free of charge since 2015 when the then-college student came across an older gentleman struggling to cut his grass.

“I pulled over and helped him out, and that night I decided I would start mowing lawns for free,” he said. “A month and a half later I reached my 100th lawn.”

Obviously not a GOPer conservative type grifter.

I am one of the 70% of Democrats who supports Biden on NAFTA/TPP and free trade in general

Biden can win the MidWest by embracing the TPP as is. Farmers and Caterpillar/Deere support the TPP. Trump has damaged the GOP in the Midwest with his opposition to TPP.

Nonetheless, a Politico–Morning Consult national tracking poll in May found that upwards of 70% of registered Democratic primary voters said Biden’s support of NAFTA and TPP would make them more likely to support him. The question moving forward is whether sustained attacks from Sanders and Trump will eat into that number — and Biden’s sizeable primary lead.


It is time to push back on the lie that NAFTA cost the USA millions of jobs.

Why hasn't Tim Ryan run for the Senate in Ohio vs the sleazy Rob Portman? Is Ohio that red?

2016 Portman 58% vs Ted Strickland 37%

2010 Portman 57% vs Fisher 39%

Why is Portman so popular in Ohio?
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