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YES to Unity. NO to Unity with traitors liars, conspiracy theorists, seditionists...

Joe Biden's call(s) to restoring normalcy, dignity, honor, truth, real patriotism, sanity to American politics is wonderful.

The best and original product of the U.S. was a kind of practical idealism, founded on core principles and beliefs like "All men are created equal". Yes, they should have said "all people" and they should have really followed through on it, but the basic principles that reach the human heart are great. They haves appealed to people all over the world for so many years. Perhaps our best export. They function as a tuning fork for good behavior, especially when voiced, when adopted, when followed.

But when principles are not followed or misused or distorted, that's when you have someone like Donald Trump.

Our fundamental principles have become distorted and misused and thwarted by rampant bad behavior and misinformation. These errors in our media services and body politic must be changed.

And our politicians must reassert, at every juncture and certainly every fracture, fundamental principles that are both fair and good. That "promote the common good" Using words from the original founding papers works wonders to reassert our common ideals and goals.

Misusing them is not good. To the point where "freedom" becomes "freedumb". When so many think that not wearing a mask makes you free and brave and that attacking the Capitol makes you patriotic, we a big problem.

But the job of the successful politician is partly to give voice to this inner human yearning for idealism that is still practical. Only in this way can we "form a more perfect union".

That's why we can seek for and even achieve 'unity" but not with liars conspirators, seditionists, criminals and so forth. That must be rooted out. Joe Biden needs our help to understand this and then to keep doing the great job he has been doing of reasserting our core common principles, towards a victory we all can share and even relish.
Posted by somaticexperiencing | Tue Jan 12, 2021, 12:53 PM (5 replies)
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