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Member since: Mon Feb 11, 2019, 12:46 PM
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Who Do You Dislike More Chuck Todd or Wolf Blitzer

Not to mention having to suffer through Nicole Wallace remembering the Bush years.

My Number One Issue Is Billionaires Running The Planet As As A Giant Cash Machine For Themselves

The fact that money has such a huge influence on EVERYTHING is the main cause for every problem our country and planet face.

I care about criminal justice reform, and sex inequality, and me too, but these take a back seat for me to billionaire control of our government, and most of the political process.

One candidate has been fighting for the little guy their whole career, and doesn't take $$ from our wealthy owners.

I am not saying anyone is "corrupt" but there is no way to deny the influence money has on everything our government does. Even if a candidate doesn't do favors for the wealthy outright, they can't fight them too much, or they will be attacked viciously by, basically, wealth. Democrat of Republican.

We need to get the money out, and elect a Roosevelt type who will "welcome their hatred" as he used to say. That's my opinion.

It's not so much about labels, and who is and isn't a whatever. My idea of what makes a Democrat is vastly different than many others.

I am simply tired of people attacking all the folks who truly fight for the little guy with all they got. All of them.

Half of eligible voters don't vote, and we need to show them they need to vote for Democrats because we are on their side, unless they are filthy rich. If they are rich, we support a system where they can still get ahead. Our party does a lot for the less well off, but too many of them don't realize it. We all lose.

My support will be for the candidate that takes on the billionaire class.

Who will that be?

Who Here Wants To Bet Lindsay Graham Will Be In Prison In 5 Years?

He is going all in defending Trump. His crimes must be overwhelming, or he would be in hiding like the rest of them.

From John McCain's buddy to Ann Coulter in a man's body.

In A Way Trump Is Right - The Rigged And Corrupt Fox News

Is an enemy of all that is good in America.

Brainwashed racists cowering in fear, waiting for their daily insane Foxworld talking points to rage on.

Murdoch's daily dose of racist democracy poison is THE WORST THING IN AMERICA. Filling the heads of the ignorant with a fantasy whites only fake christian psycho dreamworld where there is no good government and no taxes FOR THEM. Where all of their problems are caused by latinos, gays, Muslims, and god knows who "the other" will be today for them to want to be mean to.

Yes Donald Fox Fake News is the f-ing enemy. Helping you carry out your evil cruel agenda while robbing our treasury and helping dictators across the planet.

Now go spew your 20 lies for the day Trump so Fox can have material to back you up on. It's not like they will ever mention the fact that you will have told over 10,000 proven lies soon.

Please rec if you don't like Murdoch.

Amazon Really Made 611 Billion In 5 Years And Pays No Income Tax Screwage On A Grand Scale

On 2-16-2014 Amazon's stock price was $362 per share. It is now $1607. The price went up $1245 per share, times 491 million outstanding shares, equals Amazon "owners" accumulated $611 billion in "wealth".

It's not about "earnings" it's all market cap.

You can spend your profits building a company and have no earnings, and pay no dividends, but your stockholders can sell and take their profits any time.

No one even looks at how much Amazon really makes in the race to the bottom.

Please rec. Many are getting flack about why they are not happy with New York saying ENOUGH CORPORATE RAPE Of TAXPAYERS.

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