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Hometown: Pacific Northwest
Home country: US of A
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2019, 08:47 PM
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The Republican Party no longer exists

If you consider the party of Lincoln or, in contrast, the party of the Bush's, whatever they are doing in Washington now days is not recognizable. In Cohen's final epilog Wednesday, in which he hinted that Red Don will not go quietly into the night if he has the opportunity to lose the 2020 election. Which, in turn, hints at Civil War 2.0 or, as some are preparing for - an American Apocalypse (or Alpacalips). No, I have nothing against Alpacas nor their lips but I do wish that this intolerance, bigotry, cronyism, greed, etc. would have a name that we all recognize for what it is not ... REPUBLICAN!
So if you have any suggestions, let's keep this thread going and then we'll vote on a new name for our political opponents.

Intolerant Southerner's Political Party
Russian Roulette (Party of 6?)
Vodka Investors of America

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