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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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The fence at the US Capitol is going back up, starting tonight. I have a question about it:

How secure can that fence be.....I mean structurally?

How is it anchored to the ground?

It was RIGGED!!!


Nationwide women's rally scheduled for October 2.

National Call to Mobilize and Defend our Reproductive Rights.

Women better turn out - strength in numbers!!


Is Texas a "stand-your-ground" state?

Asking for a friend in Texas who wants to know, 'cause she's feeling pretty threatened right now....

The man who impregnated a woman in Texas who gets an abortion

aided and abetted that abortion....no?

I mean, certainly as much as the taxi driver who takes her to her appointment....

I want to be sympathetic but I just don't feel it.

Let 'em take Ivermectin.....

At some point and by some means, they have to learn what information from what sources they can trust.

With all the elements of a "Jason Bourne" thriller, the Pineapple Express mission

by voluntary spec. ops. forces saved 500+ Afghans on Wed. night.

Heart-pounding just to read the news account:


Of special note within the article: "Lois said he modeled his slow and steady system of maneuvering the Afghan families in the darkness after Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad for American slave escapees."

I would like someone to clarify just what our mission was

in being in Afghanistan. I understood 20 years ago that it was in retaliation for the Taliban giving safe harbor to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and to capture/kill Bin Laden.

When did it become something else?....which now sounds like (according to Andrea Mitchell's questioning of Blinken today) protecting and liberating all Afghan women....

Here's to good neighbors!!

Damn high heat index predicted here today - 105 !

My neighbor just gave me some watermelon juice she made....

It's soooo refreshing.

The US military said they can fly 9000 per day out of Afghanistan.

In the 13 remaining days before September 1, that comes to 117,000.

Wouldn’t that amount meet any obligation we have to evacuate Afghan citizens?

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