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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,758

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Sarah Cooper, bless her heart, is ready to move on....

....and is glad there won't be anymore Trump to lip-sync.


Has anyone gone to the dentist in 2020?

I just had a tooth break off and am freaking about the need to go to the dentist. Before 2020, I was regular every six months with my cleanings but skipped everything in 2020. I'm really feeling scared about going to have it taken care of, as I can't imagine how they keep you safe re COVID. There's no pain, just feels like a giant crater in my tooth!


Thank you all. I was looking for the encouragement and reassurance you've given here.

I didn't plan not to go have this taken care of and feel easier about doing so now.

Help. Someone posted a video of rioters leaving the Capitol after the riot....

and I can't find it! There were a LOT of the rioters filing out of a door being held open that said MURDER THE MEDIA on it. It was a video from an abc tweet, I believe.

I really need to find it and have tried the search function, but came up empty.

Can anyone help me out??


What did the horned goofball's mother say to him after he was arrested?


Comey really was a lousy FBI Director.

He was on Colbert last night claiming that he wants Trump to just fade away and let Joe Biden "get on with the business of healing the nation."

Well, Comey, if you don't think holding a President accountable for inciting insurrection is a vitally important part of healing the nation, then you should never have been in a top law enforcement position to begin with.

FU, Comey.

Currently my fondest wish:

....that a polar vortex and a big ass blizzard descend on DC starting next Tuesday, 1/19, and lasting through Wednesday, 1/20.

Nancy Pelosi should not attend the inauguration.

And Kamala Harris, who will take the first oath, should be at a separate location.

Come on, people, these are extraordinary, emergency circumstances!!

I understand that the USSS is in charge of security for the Inauguration.

But do they have authorization to call upon Nat. Guard or the military?

Honestly if the Trumpsters assemble a huge crowd in the hundreds of thousands, any security could be easily overwhelmed, especially if there is some "inside" assistance like we saw with the Capitol Police. (Which calls to mind the need to purge the USSS of any Trumpsters before Inauguration, so that they don't spill the beans about any preparations.)

This will be Trump's last stand, and he's not going to call out reinforcements....and he's got his army pumped up for "revolution." It's likely why he has said he will not attend the inauguration, expecting another riot....

I still say that the Inauguration should be relocated indoors to some secure location and live-streamed to the nation. Let the rioters and seditionists wander around the streets with no place to go....

All I want for my birthday today is for that monster in the WH

TO BE GONE!!!!!!!!!

If Pence wants any kind of political future at all,

he needs to act immediately on the 25th amendment.

"Enough is enough...." (so said Lindsay Graham last night in his speech).

The psycho needs to GO!!

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