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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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Let's be perfectly clear:

....This likely acquittal is NOT EXONERATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeMar Alexander said it, and I just heard Santorum say it on CNN: The Dems PROVED their case, but it does not rise to the level of impeachment. What they are saying is that IT'S NOT EXONERATION.

The criminal in the WH can NOT claim exoneration!!!!

Never let him say otherwise....

Time to boycott SOTU address.....

No one (certainly not any Democrats) should watch it.

Have it be the SOTU with the least viewership in history.

It will drive him nuts!

WOW!! Ernst's question: She wanted to know the relevance

...for WH attorneys of a possible witness.

Was she telegraphing that she might be interested in having witnesses?

Feeling the heat, Joni? How many of my fellow Iowans have also contacted you??

Will the impeachment trial last beyond the scheduled date of the State of the Union Address?

Id hate to see him taking a victory lap or turning it into one of his rally performances. Although it would be his lunacy on full display....a sure way of turning many off....
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