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Fred Sandman

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Member since: Fri Mar 22, 2019, 09:18 AM
Number of posts: 43

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Good cop, bad cop on impeachment by Democrats? I like it!

But the job of the bad , but “bad” cop really, has already been taken by a magnificent Muslim woman with the sharp mind, armed only with a fearless and terrifying to Trumper’s truth; the Emperor of Hate and Lies, the pied piper of stupid , look, one and all, gather around; he has no clothes.

Impeachment is neither on or off the table. One day on, one day off. Never give Fox a chance to direct the narrative or corporate media the time to fill airspace with weather reports instead of the attacks on the Constitution by a regime with its own state media.

It has to be a clever effort because the corporate media obvious have decided to tot an Oraq on the whole thing and walk away until the blood is on the wall and the evil one has all the reigns of power but two. The House and us.

Trumps Very Bad Friday Hangover Day Schedule.

1) Do incomplete Twitter about something, something Mueller very very bad while taking a shit and writing “bullshit”, I’m so clever said to self; also summoning America’s top radio hate speaker for help in completing said huge morning shit inspired tweet.

2) Golf with Rush, HELPME sign on golf cart. Says to Rush Boy I read the whole fucking thing three days ago with my very big brain in 1 hour..... well, I read what Barr said about it. Bad, very, very bad, he said! Said Dems cut off his Sharpie funds so it was the best he could do.

3) Passover the KFC and BigMac Dinner with Rush while watching Fox to see if they still have his ass, or will hand his ass to The Base. Well, so far so good.

4) Take post dinner crap while writing more crap on the crapper.

Telling it like we all know know it was, this Very Good Friday for America.

Resign you mofo. And where is McConnell slinking about? You too, Mofo man. Resign and take th

entire R party of hate and lies with you.

Yet still, only Mitt has the guts to tell the truth to the insipid and relentless lying by Trump and Foxy friends.

Seems only losing the vile voice of Fox will do the trick any time soon because I remember when cable news aided and abetted the evil man’s election with a billion dollars of free coverage and even to this very day the corporate media has not been able to make the amends cable news is belatedly making.

They should all resign; no one but those with smaller voices and much less cash were protecting the Constitution from vicious attack.

The Judiciary is still intact, the last firewall has to hold.

On edit:

So it appears Mueller referred an even dozen matters to OUTSIDE jurisdictions for further follow up. Making twelve potential criminal indictments outside the grasp of the grubby paws of Yogi Bear Barr.

Even Sessions refused to take a dump on the Constitution at the behest of the evil man. Yogi will dump on command.

Just another mind numbing offence first time ever impeachable offence, making the Office of the Attorney General of America a lackey of the Executive. Just like dictators do is just a coincidence.

It is Capitalism+, not socialism, morons. Get a brain, the Fox/Trump cranium is full of shit.

A family separation policy is state sponsored terrorism. No debate, they admit it. Iran is right

Posted by Fred Sandman | Mon Apr 8, 2019, 07:08 PM (0 replies)

Hi, introducing self here as suggested after 10 posts. Hi y'all.

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