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Beto O'Rourke first one to agree to attend Gun Control Forum in Las Vegas on October 2nd


More about the forum here:


Debating the Debates... (from The American Independent League)

As a manager, and previous business owner, there are some truths about leading a team or group of employees to be successful. These Democratic debates, especially night two of the second debate turned into who could be most like Donald Trump, and less about the command of the subject matter. As a leader, one must be of the servant attitude, concise, knowledgeable and Statesmanlike. When one looks at the vast majority of the Democratic candidates, one would be hard-pressed to find an energetic, honorable, integrity-driven respectful Statesman. One candidate stood out. One candidate is well informed of what the American people want. One candidate is not competing for the Democratic version of Donald Trump.

One leads through their actions and deeds, not by being the loudest bully in the room. Picture working for a bully who yells at you and in politically correct language calls you dumb, or something worse. How long would you feel comfortable working under those conditions? Are you happy with the bullying, ignorance, and fool heartedness of Donald Trump? Do you want a Democratic version of Donald? The majority of Americans are running as fast as they can away from those candidates and looking for inspiration, hope, and integrity.

When you are combining teams or departments, what has ever been accomplished by bullying or bad-mouthing the better contender? You lose credibility, and many no longer want you in charge. To be a strong leader, whether on the battlefield of a business or as a candidate for President, if you cannot offer your own agenda and methods, then you will sink to accusatory and biased name-calling. You donít take your best player and send them to the minor leagues because he is younger, taller, better looking, more inspirational, more pragmatic in offering ideas that may help a huge portion of the team. This should be the same in Politics. If your champion does not suggest for you as a supporter to be courteous, and respectful, what are they going to expect from you if they are elected? A regurgitated Trumpian?

The viewers of both nights of debates saw rudeness, interruptions, unfounded accusatory statements, hogging the time, and screaming. This is not by any stretch of the imagination, respectful, courteous, integrity-driven or statesman. From Bernie Sanders being Bellicose to Elizabeth Warren bullying the time, to Joe Biden spending his time defending his 40 years of political service to arguments on the left and right, only Beto OíRourke stood for those qualities that any American would cherish in their next president. We heard him speak succinctly, with purpose and with force, and his comments represented those that he has visited and listened to on the road. Beto made it plain he would not insult any other candidate, and he Kept his Promise. Beto was poised, intelligent in responses, forceful when needed while staying respectful to all, honorable to all, honest broker of an agenda that will encompass America and not one small segment, and finally that Statesman that America has been crying for.

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