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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
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It's both amusing and frustrating watching people with no political, legislative or legal experience

lecture Speaker Pelosi and her team about how and when impeachment must operate. And not just lecture, but mock and taunt, not realizing how ridiculous it sounds.

But I am so glad that Pelosi is in charge, she knows what she's doing, and she has the backbone and confidence to withstand the catcalls from the gallery while she works to move this process in the right direction.

Love me some Nancy Pelosi.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu May 16, 2019, 10:13 AM (18 replies)

When will these arrogant men realize Speaker Pelosi is playing Rope-a-Dope with them like a master?

While Pelosi and her team are systematically getting their ducks in a row, laying the procedural groundwork they need (and, thank you, Lord, ignoring the calls from the base and the Trumpers to jump the gun) for court fights and impeachment, she's giving the Trump team her Cheshire cat smile and saying little more than a breathy "Oh, please, please. The last thing I want is to IMPEACH you. Please don't make me!" That's both pissing them off and making them cocky as heck, and it seems that just about every hour they do something else stupid that provides further evidence of contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice.

Keep digging, fellas. Just when you think you've dug the perfect hole, Nancy and her team are gonna bury you with your own sh-t.

America's Best Christian Betty Bowers Explains Religious Freedom

Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed May 15, 2019, 11:27 PM (4 replies)

What was the "legitimate legislative purpose" of the Benghazi investigation?

Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed May 15, 2019, 11:06 PM (7 replies)

I won't ever need an abortion but I fight like hell to protect other women's right to choose

I wish more people were as willing to fight for rights that others deserve and desperately need even when those rights don't personally benefit them.

If they were, we'd be in a different place today.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed May 15, 2019, 10:30 PM (7 replies)

"Mr. President. How many abortions have you paid for and/or helped to arrange?"

Just a suggestion for the next journalist who interviews him.

No point in asking IF he's paid for or arranged an abortion. There's little doubt that he has. In fact, given his sexual proclivities and prolificacy, it's virtually impossible that he hasn't. So they should skip straight to the number.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed May 15, 2019, 05:21 PM (33 replies)

The time to get in Alabama's face was years ago

It's good that people are mobilizing now, but where's everyone been? Alabama has been laying the groundwork for this for years with little pushback from white people outside of the state.

For example, in 2015, the state announced it was closing or substantially reducing service hours for 30+ driver license offices. Lo and behold! Those all just HAPPENED to be in Alabama's "Black Belt," predominantly black counties where voters had voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

Why did that matter? Well, not only is the ability to obtain a driver license absolutely critical to obtaining and keeping a job, getting to school, health services, etc. (especially in these mostly rural areas with little reliable public transportation), Alabama had just past a very strict voter ID law that required people to have state-issued IDs that were issued by the state DMVs at their driver license offices. No state ID, no vote. And if you can't get to the driver license office because it's too far away one or two or three counties away, it's difficult and expensive and perhaps impossible to get the ID you need to vote in upcoming elections.

So, it was obvious that this was part of an effort to substantially curtail the black vote. But where was the outcry? While there was some national coverage and Hillary Clinton drew attention to it, there was hardly a peep of protest from people outside of Alabama.

Fortunately, the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation were paying attention. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx used his authority under Title VI to order an investigation into the closures and when that investigation proved that Alabama's actions indeed violated Title VI (the section of the Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination in the use of federal funds - and the Alabama DMVs received some federal money), the Department ordered the state to reopen the facilities or risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal transportation dollars. The state complied and reopened the offices and expanded the hours.

But a lot of damage had already been done. Countless black Alabama residents were unable to get their driver licenses during that time and this surely resulted in significant suppression of the black vote in 2016. And, even though people rose up and voted in record numbers in the special election in 2017 - thanks to the high profile Senate race - the turnout would have been even higher had it not been for the state-imposed voter suppression that few people outside of the state bothered to pay attention to.

And it's only going to get worse. Because while Obama's Transportation Department vigorously enforced this agreement, in particular, and Title VI more broadly and kept a close watch on Alabama after that, it's unlikely that any of this is being enforced under Trump's administration. (Another example of how elections have consequences).

Alabama has been suppressing the black vote for years but white voters just haven't felt the need to go out of their way to fight back on their behalf. Now this voter suppression is coming back to bite white voters, especially white women, as the people (mostly white men) who the disappeared black voters would have helped defeat have turned their sights on the rights of women of all races.

I can only ask when I hear the too-late outcry: Where were you when black voters were being pushed out? And will you now, at long last, join the fight against voter suppression now that you see (or should see) that, even though voter suppression doesn't affect YOUR right to vote, it is putting your health, lives, rights and future at risk?

Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed May 15, 2019, 10:45 AM (6 replies)

I'm really glad Elizabeth Warren has refused to go on FOX

I don't understand why people think Democrats can lure Trump voters into our tent by fishing around in the FOX swamp.

Anyone who watches FOX news and can't be reached through any other network, outlet or means is NOT going to vote for a Democrat. If they aren't getting their information exclusively from FOX, find out what else they're watching/reading/listening to and reach out to them there.

But wading into FOX is not only a waste of time, it's a distraction and drain of energy that could be better focused elsewhere.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue May 14, 2019, 08:02 PM (4 replies)

When lamenting the erosion of Roe v. Wade and women's reproductive rights, don't forget

This isn't happening in a vacuum nor was it unforeseeable.

Many people didn't care about or bother to fight against minority voter suppression because, after all, it didn't affect THEIR ability to vote. So, they thought, what's the big deal?

But what they didn't realize or care enough to think about is that most of the people who were prevented from getting to the polls and whose votes were suppressed would have voted for the same people they did and would have helped ensure pro-choice politicians were elected and prevent anti-choice Neanderthals from taking control of state legislatures and governorships across the country, where these laws are being enacted and signed into law.

This is a perfect example of how fighting for the right of others is in our own best interests.

It's not just elections that have consequences. Not doing everything we can do to protect others' right to vote also has huge ramifications.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue May 14, 2019, 04:51 PM (6 replies)

This is a process, a continuum, not a one shot deal - and we ALL have a critical role

Trump is not going to be drummed out of office based on one thing or one process. Impeachment will not remove him. An election will. But in order to remove him via election, the House must take steps toward impeachment and they must do it thoughtfully and correctly and in the right order so that, not only will they uphold the rule of law and send a message to history that this will not stand, but do it in a way that will help us remove him next November.

None of this can be done in isolation and none of us can sit back and expect someone else to do all the work.

Right now, the House under Speaker Pelosi's steady hand is doing EXACTLY what it should be doing. They are laying the necessary predicate for impeachment by exposing to the country Trump's obstruction and lawlessness and that it goes well beyond just the Mueller Report. In the process, they are also provoking him into helping them make their case.

They are proceeding with all deliberate speed, with "deliberate" being the operative word. They are building the case and making it stronger. And they are also creating the dynamics whereby when impeachment inquiry is opened, the public will think it was THEIR idea, not something pushed on them by a partisan Democratic House.

And the closer to the election this occurs (and I don't mean next summer, which would be too late, but not the next few weeks either, which would be too soon), the more it can effectively be used against him in the campaign and the more likely it will be to affect the outcome.

Now, that's the House's job and they're doing it. But we have a job to do, too - actually more than one. One of those jobs is to take the information that the House is developing and help them educate the public (i.e., friends, neighbors, colleagues) about what's happening. This means focusing attention outward and not expend our energy turning inward to constantly harp on, criticize and second-guess our Democratic leadership.

And then we have to work our tails off to turn out the vote next November. That means not just doing GOTV in November but starting now to educate voters about the stakes, make sure they understand why they should be voting FOR a Democrat and not just AGAINST Trump.

We have to do all of this together, hand in hand.

We can do this.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun May 12, 2019, 12:36 PM (4 replies)
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