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Apollo Zeus

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A good overview of the birth of radio broadcasting in the US?

I'm writing a mini-series set in 1922 to 1928 which focuses mostly on two untold (or under-told) and overlapping stories -- the role of women behind the camera in early Hollywood and how the rapid adoption of radio threatened early Hollywood so much that they finally spent the money to transition all of the theaters and production to sync sound.

Half of all films written before 1925 were written by women. The highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood from 1915 to 1935 was a woman. She was the go-to writer when there was a big budget, Frances Marion. Lois Weber, Anita Loos, Mary Pickford.... many great characters that will speak to modern audiences.

I'm very good on the film side of the research but the birth of broadcast radio has been harder to get at. I need to learn more about the period of rapid growth for radio, especially HOW the business grew and any conflicts and battles it had directly with movie theaters. TIA for any good sources on this period of American radio.

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