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Apollo Zeus

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Member since: Mon Apr 29, 2019, 06:11 PM
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The first History written by Europeans in America was revisionist history, not CRT

Instant revision. I found a set of great lectures on Moby Dick and stayed on to watch more of the series. Cyrus Patell does a great job of explaining how we got here. This lecture is from 2009 and makes references to the Obama campaign but the core of the lecture, explaining the Puritan way of thinking and how it set a certain path for that continues into the present.

"Shining city on the hill", "virgin land", order vs "barbarians" is all there. As is the Puritan idea that "good works" will not influence God's decision about who goes to heaven because that decision is already made.

Early Puritan writers forced event in the "new world" into biblical interpretation. They took whatever happened and instantly revised it to mean something biblical. They believed they were the chosen people and that that choice was immutable. 400 years later we have groups fighting "CRT", fighting against truth and diversity. And their strongest fear seems to be the same one the Puritans had: that they are nothing special and that God has not given them free reign to smite others and strip the earth.

If we are going to counter CRT narratives we would do well to understand where the VA school board thing comes from.

The fear they harnessed in Virginia in 2021 was put there 400 years ago. Gets good around 17:50

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