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Member since: Mon Apr 29, 2019, 08:15 PM
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Stock market news live updates: Stocks rise as states mull reopening plans

Source: Yahoo

Stocks rose Tuesday as investors considered signs that states were beginning to plan for reopening parts of the economy, and braced for a choppy earnings season, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the country at the end of the first quarter.

The Nasdaq ended higher by nearly 4%, as Amazon (AMZN) shares jumped to a record high.

Federal and state officials have shifted their rhetoric around the coronavirus from solely discussing containment and distancing efforts to beginning to think about reopening portions of the country.

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/stock-market-news-live-updates-april-14-2020-221136911.html

S&P 500 up 27% from the bottom. About 16% from the previous high. Wild times.

'I Wanted To Do Something,' Says Mother Of 2 Who Is First To Test Coronavirus Vaccine

Source: NPR

March 21, 20207:44 AM ET

When Jennifer Haller heard that researchers were looking for volunteers to be injected with an experimental coronavirus vaccine, the Seattle mother of two rolled up her sleeve.

Well, not literally. Haller, 43, the first person to receive the vaccine, was wearing a tank top when a pharmacist, sheathed in gloves, a mask and protective eye gear, injected her with an experimental vaccine named mRNA-1273. It made her arm a bit sore, "but besides that, no, no side effects," she says.

With the outbreak rapidly spreading across the nation, Haller says she was excited to enroll in the Phase 1 trial, which started Monday.

"I wanted to do something because there's so many millions of Americans that don't have the same privileges that I've been given," says Haller, who now works from home for a small tech company. "They're losing their jobs. They are concerned about paying bills, feeding their family."

Vaccines typically take years to develop and bring to market. They go through extensive animal trials to ensure they are not only effective, but safe. But as the coronavirus death toll rapidly climbed reaching 11,147 on Friday researchers felt they couldn't wait.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/21/818759617/i-wanted-to-do-something-says-mother-of-2-who-is-first-to-test-coronavirus-vacci

Has there been any discussion of limiting campaign rallies?

Maybe this has been discussed - I didn't see it.

It seems like these rallies can't be good for containing the virus, and present some risk (probably small) to our candidates.
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