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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 2,776

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It is RBG. NOT RGB. Edit your posts. RIP RBG.

Really, can we get her initials correct?


Club for Growth Action. Big 8x11 Placards mailed out attacking Christina Hale.

They came addressed to someone who lived here over two years ago. Or current resident (me).
However, This address and I am in Andre Carson's district. Haha.

Guess somebody sold them some extra addresses.
Reminds me I need to send Christina Hale a contribution.

Has anyone seen a Trump tv ad ANYWHERE?

Living in Indiana, I'm seeing none, Of course I see no Biden ads either. A few here for the 5th Indiana Congressional district, both sides, mostly the Dem and it is def a seat we could take from the Republicans with our candidate Christina Hale.

But No Trump ads. Maybe his campaign really is out of money??

ZOOM and HDMI from laptop to big screen AUDIO question

I bought a zoom concert recently. Wanting to watch it on my big screen I thought I would hook up HDMI cable from the laptop where i WAS streaming it to an HDMI input on the big screen. Before the zoom concert became available, I watched music videos on you tube and picture and audio traveled across the HDMI cable just fine. When it was time to zoom and the person signing us in was talking to others and eventually us to get us signed in I realized I only had sound on the laptop, not on my bigscreen and not on my amp and speakers that run off the big screen audio outputs! (This had all been ok with youtube). I never had a chance to ask the sign in person why I was not getting audio, but was able to hurriedly hook up some 2.1 laptop speakers to the laptop that gave me enough sound from the concert to make it worthwhile.

Can a zoom promoter/provider cut off sound to the HDMI port out from the device you are streaming on? The picture ran out fine, but not the sound.

In 1 hr. Everybody change to Comedy or SyFy Channel

Destroy their ratings right when Pence is coming on.

We need a graphic, side x side comparison of platforms

I and some friends are getting hounded by a republican that says he needs to see the Democratic platform. We have referred him to the platform documents on the web. I think he wants us to pick one we like and he has some supplied attacks he will use on it. So far no one has done that.

If anyone sees any graphic with party planks side by side be sure to post it here. Because then I could put that out to him and tell him to refer to it since he is too lazy to research the information himself.

I'd appreciate any insights on how to deal with his insistence that he has to see it to consider it and evaluate it.


What city was Thom Brennaman talking about when he let go with the slur?

I know he called it "one of the 'slur' capitals of the world".
But which city was he talkiing about??

If tRump really wants to honor Susan B Anthony

Instead of a pardon, he could give every female voter two Susan B. Anthony Stamps to return their MAIL-IN BALLOT.

My idea and reasons: Portland Patriots could pull back 3 blocks all around from courthouse

I admit I've' never been to Portland so don't know the street layout around the Federal Courthouse. Pulling back and forming a perimeter 3 blocks away would still surround the courthouse and the illegal goons present there. If the goons advanced out to the new protest perimeter it would prove they are aggressive and not "just protecting the courthouse". It would also thin out their lines a lot more than it would thin out the lines of our patriots. So I doubt they would come out three blocks and they would end up looking pretty ridiculous all cozy in their building. BUT they are led by some very stupid people, so if they did advance out and thin themselves out, one side of the patriot box could advance one block at a time and that side of the goons would start withdrawing or if they are really stupid, the goons would reinforce that side from one of the other sides further weakening the side the reinforcements were drawn from. Then the patriots could start advancing from that weakened side slowly and peacefully. It would have to be very deliberate a nd disciplined, but would then sjow that citizens of Portland are peaceful and in charge of their city. Just my humble thoughts. I could be all wet.
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