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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 4,614

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"Giuliani's a hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up," -John Bolton

“Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,”

-John Bolton

Indians Republicans taking Money from Trumps jailed Russian pals?

The Minneapolis and St Paul newspapers in Minnesota have discovered that 4-6 of their congress people and Senators took money from Trumps Russian-Ukranian buddies just arrested and jailed. Does anybody in Indiana how many and which of our Republicans are in on the take from these guys?

I think Trump is batshit about impeachment right now because...

He does not know when it will happen, and he still thinks he can still stop it from happening.

the longer we can keep him off balance and afraid of the apprehension, keep the apprehension going, the more self incrimination we will get from him.

Let keep the target buggy. I like him this way.

There is one person in the world who can confuse me as much as Trump

Chris Cuomo. Tried to watch that mess tonight for something different.
He can't really explain anything. Getting himself all confused and tied up by bringing on
a guest that dealt with Whitewater and the Clintons. Robert Ray?

Maybe it's just me but he does not seem to have a straight forward explanation of anything.

Imho Team Trump now trying to make Dems rush

Into impeachment.
They will the defend that this is a rush to judgement on one article of impeachment and only proves witch hunt, blah, blah, blah. This is attempting to force the vote in the Senate asap, so their Senators can have more cover for voting no because the Democrats are rushing through a witch hunt. I'll be glad for someone to talk me down.

I doubt that Beto will be or even should be the nominee, but

doesn't he do such a good job of giving Trump HELL ? He's like a junk yard dog sometimes. We need him doing that. IMHO.

Let's boycott Kentucky Bourbon until #MoscowMitch is gone

Lots of other distilled spirits come from Kentucky as well. Let's boycott it all. Check the distilled spirit you are picking up. If it has a Kentucky Distilling source, just Ditch it because of #MoscowMitch. Buy Canadian, Irish, Oregon or other whiskeys. There's plenty of choices. Watch out for vodkas and gins that come from Kentucky. There are other choices. New Amsterdam gin made in California is quite sufficient. There are others. No sorry feels for Kentucky. They have to all begin working to #Ditch #MoscowMitch. We will help them celebrate when they do with a toast of fine Kentucky Bourbon. #Boycott #KentuckyBourbon #KentuckySpirits #Ditch #MoscowMitch

IoT, the internet of things. and election technology. (?)

recently bought an HP Tango printer and due to it containing IoT technology, I started studying IoT security concerns a little. Pretty tough for my brain to understand it all. However, when it is on, and HP would actually prefer it is on at all times (yeah right, run up my electricity bill) so that it can better count my copies and send me ink before I need it.

BUT, My devils advocate side started thinking. Election machinery with IoT tech in it could count votes throughout the day and just send more votes when they are needed in certain precincts in certain states? Could IoT count votes and at 5 p.m. just switch 5% from column B to column A if column A was 1 or 2 % behind?

From what I have read and understanding the simple counting involved in sending me more ink what would stop this from happening in an election involving use of IoT voting machinery and software ?

I think we should be checking with voting machine companies and ask if any of their newer models contain IoT capabilities.
Posted by Captain Zero | Fri Aug 9, 2019, 11:44 PM (2 replies)

I am considering converting an old Win 10 HP laptop to Linux. Opinions?

It says G60 on it. It's around 10 years old. It was a Win 7 but converted to Win 10 just fine.

From what I read, it seems Zorin might be the best bet? Any other ideas? I am thinking the conversion would also wipe a lot of old data that is safe on another computer and detachable hard drive.

Indiana has paid $229k to defend this unconstitutional law; not worth appealing it

Maybe we should focus more on what it costs state taxpayers everywhere to defend laws by legislators with no understanding of the law and no understanding of medicine and health care.

Story at Link:

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