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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 6,150

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This trial is a mockery of a travesty of a sham !

Four minutes to make you feel a little better.
Hoping one of these you tube video links works for you.
Woody Allen in Bananas.


I think there is a possibility Pompeo and Mnuchin are now running the government

They get input from Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, McTurtle, and McCarthy. So of those seven, a 4-3 vote decides.
Trump is just window dressing and a loud mouthpiece who gets too involved sometimes, so they medicate him and send him out to reality rallies.
I noticed today all the gaslighting was being done by Pompeo with Mnuchin standing next to him.
McAdderall probably coming down from last nights rally. All he really has to do is get ready for the next one of those.
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