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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
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My idea and reasons: Portland Patriots could pull back 3 blocks all around from courthouse

I admit I've' never been to Portland so don't know the street layout around the Federal Courthouse. Pulling back and forming a perimeter 3 blocks away would still surround the courthouse and the illegal goons present there. If the goons advanced out to the new protest perimeter it would prove they are aggressive and not "just protecting the courthouse". It would also thin out their lines a lot more than it would thin out the lines of our patriots. So I doubt they would come out three blocks and they would end up looking pretty ridiculous all cozy in their building. BUT they are led by some very stupid people, so if they did advance out and thin themselves out, one side of the patriot box could advance one block at a time and that side of the goons would start withdrawing or if they are really stupid, the goons would reinforce that side from one of the other sides further weakening the side the reinforcements were drawn from. Then the patriots could start advancing from that weakened side slowly and peacefully. It would have to be very deliberate a nd disciplined, but would then sjow that citizens of Portland are peaceful and in charge of their city. Just my humble thoughts. I could be all wet.

In Oregon where do the storm troopers lodge and sleep?

They are up most of the night. Would be a shame if it was a noisy motor lodge during the day. Sleep disruptions are tough on day sleepers when you work so hard at night.

some local police may be getting recruited to man National Parks to shift Park Rangers?

around in order to line up Rangers and Parks police from the BORDER to be Barr's travelling Nazis??

Just a hunch. Know a local deputy sheriff and his family 'visiting' Utah's Zion Park later this summer.
I can't think of any reason or interest they would suddenly have in going there.
Also it 'slipped' out in a FB post
I don't know for how long it is.

Then in internet searches I see Zion Park has routinely been shifting Rangers to the Southern Border
for several years so those people can go do something else.


In other posts here I have seen references that having Barr's Gestapo go to every urban center would pose personnel problems. Is there any chance they are back-filling with loaners from local departments? Maybe with guys who used to be in military RESERVE UNITS but now employed by a local LEO?

I just think something may be up in this regard. Eyes and ears.

Suggestion of the Day: Let's call anti-maskers the ANTIMA TERRORISTS

ANTIMA -- a threat to every Americans health in a pandemic.

Let's form a movement coalition & Declare a MORATORIUM NOW ! On School Attendance


Whats to stop us? A Citizen Coalition declaring a Moratorium on School Attendance until the CDC issues the all clear on the Corona Virus. A safe and working vaccine would be best. The MORATORIUM could be three months to start. Longer if necessary. When we feel safe for our kids they can come back. When measurable criteria are achieved we will lift the moratorium 60 days from that achievement. Not sooner.

We could get Teacher and Student Groups on Board. PTAs and PTOs. Doctors, Pediatricians and Nurses.
Superintendents and Principles. Grandparents. Anyone else who thinks it is ill advised at this time to be
reopening schools.

First Criteria could be that the country and ALL STATEs have a downward curve that looks like current status in Europe and New Zealand.

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