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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 6,109

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Trump signs come down in Indy suburbs, mid north.

Drove through that area 3-4 times this morning. Trump signs are gone. Republicans still have their signs up for Congress and state senator ( a Ruckleshaus) but Trump signs are down except I saw, ONE. SO IN AREA I drove through 25-30 Biden Harris signs to one single Trump sign. Not scientific, but if it's turned like this in Indy, he's toast in other Midwest suburbs.

$750 x 2 Yrs. in a row ? Have YOU ever paid exact same amount 2 years in a row? That's fishy.

I've paid taxes for over 45 years. Never the same amount 2 years running. What about you??
Certainly seems impossible when talking about his numbers.
There's always some variation in anyones' income from year to year, it seems to me.



It is RBG. NOT RGB. Edit your posts. RIP RBG.

Really, can we get her initials correct?


Club for Growth Action. Big 8x11 Placards mailed out attacking Christina Hale.

They came addressed to someone who lived here over two years ago. Or current resident (me).
However, This address and I am in Andre Carson's district. Haha.

Guess somebody sold them some extra addresses.
Reminds me I need to send Christina Hale a contribution.

Has anyone seen a Trump tv ad ANYWHERE?

Living in Indiana, I'm seeing none, Of course I see no Biden ads either. A few here for the 5th Indiana Congressional district, both sides, mostly the Dem and it is def a seat we could take from the Republicans with our candidate Christina Hale.

But No Trump ads. Maybe his campaign really is out of money??
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