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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 6,150

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Has anyone heard of current major windows update ?

Know someone hosed on updates over an hour today. I rebooted my laptop but nothing in the way of updates happened. At least not yet.

Joe Manchin concerned re Covid Bill $$ amounts, but

In the press conference today it was noted that the FIRST state to receive a FEMA VACCINATION CENTER IS GOING TO BE, you guessed it, West Virginia.

Hell, by the end of summer Joe will get six lane highways running all over the state to the FEMA Center.

But he is CONCERNED. about all that money being proposed.

Biden's Science Team Picks, my only question is:

. What's he going to have the My Pillow Guy doing?.

MSNBC brief mention: STAFF of 5th District of Virginia involved (?)

Looks like a huge gerry--mandered district. Stretches from bottom to almost the top of the state.
Incumbent was primaried last year and it has a new (farther right?) Congressman.
The dem still only lost it 52-47.
That's my quick take on the district.

Within last 20 mins, MSNBC said:
1. looks like involvement from inside the capitol.
then shortly after,
2. And I definitely heard them say Virginia 5th staff.

If the coup had killed Pence, Pelosi, and Grassley. Mike Pompeo would now be 2nd in line. Qui Bono?

Do you think Pompeo himself, with his huge ego, was not the main motivator for his move from defense to state? That moved him up two spots.

Jan. 6 would have moved him up 3 more.
Success of a coup on January 6 and one more outrage and he is President.
With Martial Law in place, probably.

Qui Bono. Who Benefits?

Now if McD's and KFC cutoff deliveries to WH

He's fucked.

A Deal for Trump. Pardon yourself, & no one else. Resign


I don't think his self pardon will stand up in the Supreme Court. It might get him out of there right away.

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