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Captain Zero

Captain Zero's Journal
Captain Zero's Journal
June 28, 2022

Riddle me this: Google Drive is trying to back up my WhatsApp?

I was getting some notices on my Android that a backup was failing.
So I double tapped it after several of these and discovered it was
Google Drive trying to back up my encrypted WhatsApp. And telling me I needed to do
something to do that backup.

I delete my WhatsApp convos almost daily for the reasons one uses WhatsApp.
Why would I want to back them up to Google Drive?
Why would Google Drive be attempting that automatically?
I don't remember enabling something like that.

I thought Google Drive was Google World and WhatsApp was Microsoft World.
Seems like that should be the twain that never meets.
Any thoughts?

June 28, 2022

Couldn't a Dr. perform abortion for rape/incest victim citing mental health dangers ?

Due to the TRAUMA, anxiety, and depression caused by the crime upon their person.
TRAUMA is present and an effect in these crimes, and Trauma contributes to depression and anxiety, as well as other mental and personality disorders.

If they are going to pass these draconian laws then we are going to get a flood of traumatized women. Texas has the most rapes per year in the country, more than even California with its largest population.

What if a rape victim is threatening suicide if they can't get an abortion? I can see that happening.

Another thing alluded to on MSNBC tonight was the states that run with these extreme and radical anti-abortion laws and criminalize them may run the risk of a shortage of OB-GYNs. Easier to go into family practice. On that note, what are medical students thinking about these days of going into OBGYN? Why would they when a reichwing prosecutor could put them in jail for ten years or more?

It could lead to a shortage of OBGYN care across the country,definitely so in the states with the worst and most punitive laws. And even in a state with reasonable laws for protection of the health of a mother, if Republican reactionaries ever seize power the laws could change and despite all good intentions the OBGYN finds himself in jail/court.

In any case, I repeat RAPE AND INCEST ARE LIFELONG PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMAS. ARE WE GOING TO MAKE THAT WORSE BY forcing a victim of those crimes to bear a child they never planned?

June 18, 2022

Everyone thinks Herschel Walker is an idiot, but

He is about to prove White Replacement Theory all by himself.

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