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Captain Zero

Captain Zero's Journal
Captain Zero's Journal
August 4, 2023

Is a Pause a delay? Poll

Is a Pause a Delay ? Yes or No.

(I think Trumps lawyer has backed himself into a corner of having to argue that a pause is not a delay.)

August 4, 2023

Lauro went on Fox and admitted one of Trumps crimes

Source: YouTube repeat of Lawrence Donahue tinight

Lauro admitted on Fox tonight that Trump did indeed say he was going for the option to delay the certification in a meeting with Pence and Eastman. Lauro admitted what the indictment charges in one count.

Lawrence Donahue show of tonight is up on YouTube already. Full show. Talking about what Lauro did tonight on Fox.

Read more: www.youtube.com

Trump has a bad lawyer.

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