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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 8,684

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Spot-on analysis.

Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch and the Guardians Of Putin sit in judgment while getting money from oligarchs and their henchmen.

We’re going to need a bigger Paddy Wagon.

Straight out of Hitler.

Like what Bartcop termed, “an Empire of Evil.”

Fascist Gangsters.

Trump Tweeted Grisly Photos to Defame Democratic Leadership.

Donald Trump shares horrific photo of bloodied corpse to attack rival Nancy Pelosi


Demented Donnie the Moron is demented. Worse, he’s a traitor.

Still awaiting relief -- illegally withheld, per Speaker.

Hit by devastating earthquakes, Puerto Rico still waiting on billions for hurricane relief

Pelosi calls on administration to ‘cease and desist’ its ‘unlawful’ withholding of funds

By Erica Werner
The Washington Post, Jan. 9, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. EST

As Puerto Rico weathers devastating earthquakes, the island is still waiting on more than $18 billion in federal funding that was designated after hurricanes that struck more than two years ago. On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused the Trump administration of acting unlawfully in withholding the money and called on officials to “cease and desist that illegal activity.”

The holdup has continued past a congressionally mandated deadline last fall for more than $8 billion of the aid to be officially announced. As aftershocks continued to shake the U.S. territory after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake Tuesday morning, Democrats sought to refocus attention on the delayed hurricane aid, while questioning whether the federal government will give Puerto Rico what it needs to recover this time.

“I think it puts a considerable burden on the administration to show good faith,” said Rep. David E. Price (D-N.C.), pointing to President Trump’s history of criticizing Puerto Rico and moving to slow the disbursement of money. “And in this case, good faith involves not just responding to this latest disaster, but cleaning up from the previous one as well.”

An ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico could also become an issue in the presidential election. Residents of Puerto Rico cannot vote in federal elections, even though they are U.S. citizens, but many live and cast ballots in Florida, a critical swing state.

Trump’s opposition to sending aid to Puerto Rico stalled a major nationwide disaster relief bill last year and led to disputes with Democrats. The island’s governor at the time, Ricardo Rosselló, described Trump as a “bully” and threatened to punch him in the mouth.



Trump murdered to obstruct Justice.

The GOP are accessories, or as I look at it, co-conspirators. Look at Nunes running ‘round Ukraine.

Get them all named, their actions recorded and reported, their criminality investigated and prosecuted, and their asses locked up.

If enough remain seated in the Senate for a quorum, then they can try Trump’s impeachment.

Otherwise, accessories have no place on the jury. Talking to you, Moscow Mitch.

AG Bill Barr's father hired him to teach math at The Dalton School.

Donald Barr: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know

From there, Epstein would meet many people with heads for numbers and other things.

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.

I sure do!

...Nixon once commented that she had "that rare and unique characteristic that marks the difference between a good secretary and a great one - she is always at her best when the pressures are greatest".


Haldeman and Woods are not alone in their suspicions of Butterfield, or in their concern over the Inspector General's report. If Bill McMahon is correct, McCord's seconding of CIA personnel in undercover assignments at the White House amounted to the calculated infiltration of a uniquely sensitive Secret Service unit: the staff responsible for maintaining and servicing the presidential taping system, and for storing its product. Moreover, unless both Haldeman and McMahon are mistaken - about Butterfield's secret allegiance and McCord's loan of personnel to Wong - then the CIA would seem to have had unrivaled access to the President's private conversations and thoughts. Charles Colson, among others, believes that this is precisely what occurred. "The CIA had tapes of everything relating to the White House," Colson told me. "And they destroyed them two days after (Senator Mike) Mansfield asked them to save all of their tapes."

Source: https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKwoodsRM.htm

PS: A hearty welcome to DU, Southern Blueneck!

From where the fish rots.

Jeffrey Epstein: Jail CCTV erased by 'technical errors'

Source: BBC

Surveillance video from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein's first suspected suicide attempt was destroyed by accident, prosecutors say.

US attorneys say the jail mistakenly saved footage from the wrong cell.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, hanged himself in jail in August while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges.

He had pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing dozens of girls, some as young as 14.


"The requested video no longer exists on the backup system and has not since at least August 2019 as a result of technical errors."

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51053205

Yes. Of course. “Technical errors.” Who knew?

Canada HELPED US during Iran Hostage Crisis

The True Story Behind Operation “Argo” to Rescue Americans From Iran

Antonio Mendez, Matt Baglio
The Daily Beast, July 14, 2017


Now that we had our production company, we needed a script. It was then that my Hollywood friend and collaborator on this project, a famous makeup artist, told me about a script pitched to him several months before. The project, based on Roger Zelazny’s science-fiction novel Lord of Light, had fallen through when a member of the production team was arrested for embezzlement, but not before initial preproduction had begun. Even better, the producers had hired Jack Kirby, a famous comic-book artist, to do concept drawings. “What’s it about?” I asked as I looked over the sketches. “Who knows!” said Calloway. “Some space opera set on a colonized planet.”

“This is perfect,” I said. “The Iranians won’t be able to understand this stuff.” I was thinking that, for operational purposes, the more confusing the better. If someone were to stop us, then it would be easy for us to overwhelm them with confusing conceptual jargon.

“What are we going to call it?” I asked.

“Let’s call it Argo,” Calloway said with a wry smile. It was the name of the ship that Jason and the Argonauts sailed in to liberate the Golden Fleece against impossible odds.


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