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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 07:01 PM
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January 5 Meeting at Trump Hotel Could Hold Key to Jan. 6 Insurrection

Now THIS is a story...with pictures and receipts.

January 5 Meeting at Trump International Hotel Could Hold the Key to the January 6 Insurrection

The night before the insurrection, a large group of Trump family and advisers held an urgent meeting with January 6 organizers at the president's private residence in DC.

By Seth Abramson, Jan. 26, 2021


Guilfoyle’s presence at the meeting is critical given that Stop the Steal coordinator Ali Alexander claims he received a call from Guilfoyle during the evening of January 5—when she would have been with Trump’s family and advisers at Trump International. As for Tuberville, he now claims, contrary to the statements of Herbster and Beck, that he was never at the Trump International Hotel on January 5.

An Instagram photograph from January 5, taken at Trump International Hotel in DC, appears to show Senator Tuberville on-site, as described by both Beck and Herbster:


That Herbster would have access to Trump’s inner circle is clear. But less clear is why the Trumps had invited, to a private residence outside the White House—and on the eve of an insurrection—(1) Michael Flynn, a man who that very day had organized a D.C. rally to protest the 2020 election, and would the next day conjoin his Jericho March with the Stop the Steal/March to Save America that Trump was to speak at; (2) Peter Navarro, a man who would later say on live television that he believed Trump had the unilateral authority to postpone Biden’s inauguration; (3) Tommy Tuberville, the U.S. senator who in a matter of hours Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani would be calling by telephone to demand that he fraudulently contest ten states’ Biden electors (far more than the five Giuliani had publicly declared contestable); (4) Adam Piper, who in a matter of days would resign from the Republican Attorneys General Association when it was found that he had helped orchestrate robocalls advertising the Stop the Steal/March to Save America event; and (5) Trump’s former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager—Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, respectively—two men known for their bareknuckle politics and (in Lewandowski’s case) an alleged penchant for violence (see here, here, and here). Meanwhile, the presence of Trump’s personal attorney at the meeting all but ensures that Trump himself was aware of the event.

While of course there’s less question about why Don Jr. and Eric were at the January 5 meeting at their father’s Washington hotel, it’s useful to note that both men would speak alongside their father at the January 6 rally in D.C. that incited an insurrection, and that both (particularly the former) arguably uttered words during their speeches that helped incite that insurrection. Meanwhile, it remains unclear why Trump would have given his sons access to his private residence in Washington if he was not either planning to attend the meeting with them, planning to attend it via speakerphone—a longtime practice of the president in dealing with sensitive meetings, and a practice for which he has become infamous—or expecting his sons to debrief him immediately. Giuliani would also have been expected by his client to offer an immediate debriefing, and Mike Lindell, another meeting participant, was known to have Oval Office access to the president at the time.



45 is a puppet

Seal of the Unstable Moron



Found this just the other day via GOOGLE. A professional hypnotist tried to warn us. Doesn’t let corporate mass media off the hook, neither. Here’s how Dump did it:

Hypnotist Richard Barker Shows How Trumpnosis, Donald Trump's Form of Covert Hypnosis, Affects Millions Around the World

Richard Barker, Incredible Hypnotist
Mar 29, 2016, 08:35 ET

ORLANDO, Fla., March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Hypnotist Richard Barker has just released research surrounding mass hypnosis and has coined the phrase "Trumpnosis".

Trumpnosis.com has been receiving lots of interest as of late. Covert hypnosis means having access to people's subconscious mind and altering the way they behave and think in a disguised or somewhat hidden way. Some popular covert hypnosis techniques used to align someone's behavior and thoughts to the desired outcome of the hypnotists are displayed during mass hypnosis.

Barker typically refers to mass hypnosis as "Trumpnosis", since he states, "Mr. Trump displays it so well". The media have also made comments regarding the Hypnotizing of a nation and questioned what is happening to America. Through the words and actions of an individual, can we influence and suggest a nation to think a certain way? Richard Barker who is known as the 'Incredible Hypnotist' thinks so. Barker said, "Everything we do and see must first start with a thought process. We don't see the world; we think it. If your thoughts are influenced by a master Hypnotist to think in a certain way on a mass level, this is 'Trumpnosis'".

Mass Hypnotism can apply to everything and be everywhere – in families, in schools and in politics. The influence and use of repetition on crowds is identified through Mr. Trump's speeches and is seen to influence even the most enlightened minds. The power is due to the fact that the repeated statements are embedded in those profound regions of our subconscious mind.

Donald Trump successfully uses techniques such as pacing and leading, anchoring, verbal confusion, repetition and so on. He successfully bypasses the critical factor in minds of some people and has the ability to turn off the rational thinking. By using certain words and behavior, a speaker can very quickly establish a rapport with an audience. Repeated exposure to the same speaker can result in them being viewed with admiration, bordering on worship. Every word uttered is accepted as the complete truth.

“ Through the words he has used, both now and in the past, he has placed others into a hypnotic state without them knowing," says Barker. "Trump's speeches contains hypnosis techniques of hypnotic anchoring, pacing and leading, critical factor bypass and so on."

Hypnotist Richard Barker insists, "All you need to remember is that most people's needs are based on their instincts. Understanding people's instincts, especially in a mass gathering, is one of the key goals of mass hypnosis. Trumpnosis is a vehicle for enabling large groups of people to have an altered belief system."

Richard Barker is a World Renowned Professional Hypnotist. He has spent the last 20 years working with thousands of clients across the world. Richard Barker has recently appeared on NBC's The Today Show, CBS' The Late Late Show with James Corden, FOX's Good Day LA and News channels for FOX and ABC http://incrediblehypnotist.com

He has written a new book focusing on Persuasion and Suggestion titled, "Selling Hypnotically. The Art Of Suggestion" http://sellinghypnotically.com

Source (press release for news, public use distribution and publication): https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hypnotist-richard-barker-shows-how-trumpnosis-donald-trumps-form-of-covert-hypnosis-affects-millions-around-the-world-300242345.html

Thanks! What FDR and Bertram Gross observed...

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” — President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Professor Bertram Gross said fascism was transformed, almost imperceptibly, but is the mechanism of making the rich richer and the rest under their thumb...

Friendly Fascism

The New Face of Power in America

by Bertram Gross

South End Press, 1980, paper

"As long as an economic system provides an acceptable degree of security, growing material wealth and opportunity for further increase for the next generation, the average American does not ask who is running things or what goals are being pursued." — Daniel R. Fusfeld

Introduction, Rise and Fall of Classic Fascism
The Takeoff Toward a New Corporate Society
The Mysterious Establishment
The Specter of Friendly Fascism
Subverting Democratic Machinery
Impossibility: It Couldn't Happen

Source w/ links: http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Fascism/Friendly_Fascism_BGross.html

The Unfolding Logic

... as I survey the entire panorama of contending forces, I can readily detect something more important: the outline of a powerful logic of events. This logic points toward tighter integration of every First World Establishment. In the United States it points toward more concentrated, unscrupulous, repressive, and militaristic control by a Big Business-Big Government partnership that-to preserve the privileges of the ultra-rich, the corporate overseers, and the brass in the military and civilian order-squelches the rights and liberties of other people both at home and abroad. That is friendly fascism.

At any particular moment First World leaders may respond to crisis like people in a crowded night club when smoke and flames suddenly billow forth. They do not set up a committee to plan their response. Neither do they act in a random or haphazard fashion. Rather, the logic of the situation prevails. Everyone runs to where they think the exits are. In the ensuing melee some may be trampled to death. Those who know where the exits really are, who are most favorably situated, and have the most strength will save themselves.

Thus it was in Italy, Japan, and Germany when the classic fascists came to power. The crisis of depression, inflation, and class conflict provided an ideal opportunity for the cartels, warmongers, right-wing extremists, and rowdy street fighters to rush toward power. The fascist response was not worked out by some central cabal of secret conspirators. Nor was it a random or accidental development. The dominant logic of the situation prevailed.

Thus too it was after World War II. Neither First World unity nor the Golden International was the product of any central planners in the banking, industrial, political, or military community. Indeed, there was then-as there still is-considerable conflict among competing groups at the pinnacle of the major capitalist establishments. But there was a broad unfolding logic about the way these conflicts were adjusted and the "Free World" empire came into being. This logic involved hundreds of separate plans and planning committees-some highly visible, some less so, some secret. It encompassed the values and pressures of reactionaries, conservatives, and liberals. In some cases, it was a logic of response to anticapitalist movements and offensives that forced them into certain measures-like the expanded welfare state-which helped themselves despite themselves.

Although the friendly fascists are subversive elements, they rarely see themselves as such. Some are merely out to make money under conditions of stagflation. Some are merely concerned with keeping or expanding their power and privileges. Many use the rhetoric of freedom, liberty, democracy, human values, or even human rights. In pursuing their mutual interests through a new coalition of concentrated oligarchic power, people may be hurt-whether through pollution, shortages, unemployment, inflation, or war. But that is not part of their central purpose. It is the product of invisible hands that are not theirs.

Source: http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Fascism/Specter_FriendlyFascism_FF.html

The Nazification of the Republican Party

By Loretta J. Ross
Counterpunch, Jan. 20, 2021

After World War II, the Nazis who helped Hitler rise to power and murder millions of people, including at least 6 million Jews, were put on trial to send a warning to the world. Not all of them faced a judicial process, but enough were not protected by their high status, official offices, or claims of “innocence” and “patriotism.” Power through violence was the only language they spoke—not justice, not freedom—and they were held accountable. These criminals faced a tribunal at Nürnberg (Nuremberg) so momentous that the disgraced word “Nazi” is forever attached to those who participated in and enabled their horrific crimes.

After the war, Germany banned Nazi flags and neo-Nazis. In fact, the only way that Nazi paraphernalia got into Germany was through smuggling from other countries such as the United States, like from Nazi propagandist Gerhard Lauck in Nebraska, the man called the “Farm Belt Führer” who served four years in a German prison for distributing banned pro-Nazi materials throughout Europe.

I know this because I teach a course on White Supremacy at Smith College that focuses on anti-Semitism, anti-Black racism, and the many intersecting components of white supremacist ideology. After more than 30 years of organizing and teaching about fascism as a Black feminist activist and academic, I know the destructive influence of these noxious ideas, and I teach young people how to interpret and resist them.

Global contempt for the word “Nazi” is a lesson for us today in the United States after the attempted criminal coup at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Anyone identified as sympathetic, supportive, or financing these seditious acts that attempted to deny the peaceful transfer of power in our country should be treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II. This includes Nazified people in Congress, in the media, in universities, in regular jobs, and throughout society because fascism is not the fevered dream of one delusional man. Trump is a white supremacist; that he is also a deranged narcissist is really incidental.



PS: If the hobnailed boot fits, wear it, ‘Pukes.

Allen Dulles tried getting a retraction.

Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA?

By Ray McGovern
Consortium News, December 29, 2009


Fox Guarding Hen House

The well-connected Dulles got himself appointed to the Warren Commission and took the lead in shaping the investigation of JFK’s assassination.

Documents in the Truman Library show that he then mounted a small domestic covert action of his own to neutralize any future airing of Truman’s and Souers’s warnings about covert action.

So important was this to Dulles that he invented a pretext to get himself invited to visit Truman in Independence, Missouri. On the afternoon of April 17, 1964, Dulles spent a half-hour trying to get the former President to retract what he had said in his op-ed. No dice, said Truman.

No problem, thought Dulles. Four days later, in a formal memo for his old buddy Lawrence Houston, CIA General Counsel from 1947 to 1973, Dulles fabricated a private retraction, claiming that Truman told him the Washington Post article was “all wrong,” and that Truman “seemed quite astounded at it.”

No doubt Dulles thought it might be handy to have such a memo in CIA files, just in case.

A fabricated retraction? It certainly seems so, because Truman did not change his tune. Far from it.

In a June 10, 1964, letter to the managing editor of Look magazine, for example, Truman restated his critique of covert action, emphasizing that he never intended the CIA to get involved in “strange activities.”


SOURCE: http://www.consortiumnews.com/2009/122909b.html

Operation PEE TAPE

Then there are all the offshore accounts...like CHY-nah.


Answers what the Poet said...

“Hay, hermanos, muchísimo que hacer.” — Cesar Vallejo

“There is, brothers, very much to do.” — Cesar Vallejo

Moron see. Moron do.

Mass Hypnotism can apply to everything and be everywhere – in families, in schools and in politics. The influence and use of repetition on crowds is identified through Mr. Trump's speeches and is seen to influence even the most enlightened minds. The power is due to the fact that the repeated statements are embedded in those profound regions of our subconscious mind.


Apologies to monkeys.

Radical only in he preferred democracy over colonialism.

Allen Dulles didn’t think it necessary to inform President-election Kennedy beforehand.

John M. Newman details further: https://jfkjmn.com/new-page-1/
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