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Kid Berwyn

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"Broke the law" is putting it mildly.

“Betrayed the United States” is putting it precisely.

"Smells so bad." Jared cashes in.

"Smells so bad": New report details how Kushner quickly cashed in after leaving Trump White House

Kushner used relationships he cultivated in the White House to quickly raise $2 billion. He wasn't the only one

Salon, MAY 23, 2022

Jared Kushner, Donald's Trump son-in-law, and former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin collectively raised $3.5 billion from the Middle East shortly after leaving the Trump administration, presenting potential conflicts of interest given that both men cultivated diplomatic relations with Middle Eastern leaders during their time in government.

According to The New York Times, Mnuchin collected $1.5 billion from the Emiratis, Kuwaitis and Qataris within three months of his exit from the Trump administration. Kushner, a former senior advisor to Trump, likewise raised $2 billion from the Saudi government during a six-month period after his tenure was complete.

The investments, which both men raised for their respective private investment firms, appear to stem from relationships developed while Kushner and Mnuchin were touring around the Middle East to finance the Abraham Fund, a $3 billion fund designed to promote economic cooperation and development between the U.S., the UAE, and Israel. The fund ultimately disintegrated, but shortly after Kushner and Mnuchin left office, "each quickly launched a private fund that in some ways picked up where the Abraham Fund had ended," the Times reported.


According to the Times, Mnuchin made over eighteen visits to various Persian Gulf monarchies during his tenure as Treasury secretary, developing relationships with Yasir al-Rumayyan, chief of the Saudi fund; Mansoor bin Ibrahim al-Mahmoud; Mansoor bin Ibrahim al-Mahmoud, the head of the Qatar Investment Authority; Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayedm, president of the UAE, and Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince.

Kushner, meanwhile, made at least ten trips to the Persian Gulf, reportedly fostering a close partnership with bin Salman, even after the government's agents were accused of killing former Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.



Same oil. Same oil.

Treasonous NAZI Pig

Never stops his descent into hell. Too bad he’s taking so many along with him.


"Bear baited with pastries."

Looking down at us from 10,000 feet, Dimdonnie Jr holds happy thoughts of vanished wildlife.

"A frog hops. These are walking."

That there are undiscovered forms of life is a remarkable idea. And it may be correct here on earth in 2022. That’s why it’s important to learn, rather than ridicule.

When we learn, we become more intelligent. When we are forced to stay stupid, we make the Betsy DeVoses and Peter Thiels of the world happy.

Regarding the idea of what forms life at take, a report from Ann Druffel about Harrison Bailey, a regular guy out for an extended walk, who encountered something his mind could not fit in with what he knew to be right.

PDF with out of sequence page layout:


Reactor 3 ran plutonium enriched fuel.

Japan’s Misguided Plutonium Policy

As for what’s getting dumped into the sea that Japan has admitted to:

New paper addresses the mix of contaminants in Fukushima wastewater

August 6, 2020

Nearly 10 years after the Tohoku-oki earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant and triggered an unprecedented release radioactivity into the ocean, radiation levels have fallen to safe levels in all but the waters closest to the shuttered power plant. Today, fish and other seafood caught in waters beyond all but a limited region have been found to be well within Japan’s strict limits for radioactive contamination, but a new hazard exists and is growing every day in the number of storage tanks on land surrounding the power plant that hold contaminated wastewater. An article published August 7 in the journal Science takes a look at some of the many radioactive elements contained in the tanks and suggests that more needs to be done to understand the potential risks of releasing wastewater from the tanks into the ocean.

We’ve watched over the past nine-plus years as the levels of radioactive cesium have declined in seawater and in marine life in the Pacific,” said Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and author of the new paper. “But there are quite a few radioactive contaminants still in those tanks that we need to think about, some of which that were not seen in large amounts in 2011, but most importantly, they don’t all act the same in the ocean.”

Since 2011, Buesseler has been studying the spread of radiation from Fukushima into and across the Pacific. In June of that year, he mobilized a team of scientists to conduct the first international research cruise to study the early pathways that cesium-134 and -137, two radioactive isotopes of cesium produced in reactors, were taking as they entered the powerful Kuroshio Current off the coast of Japan. He has also built a network of citizen scientists in the U.S. and Canada who have helped monitor the arrival and movement of radioactive material on the Pacific coast of North America.

Now, he is more concerned about the more than 1,000 tanks on the grounds of the power plant filling with ground water and cooling water that have become contaminated through contact with the reactors and their containment buildings. Sophisticated cleaning processes have been able to remove many radioactive isotopes and efforts to divert groundwater flows around the reactors have greatly reduced the amount of contaminated water being collected to less than 200 metric tons per day, but some estimates see the tanks being filled in the near future, leading some Japanese officials to suggest treated water should be released into the ocean to free up space for more wastewater.

One of the radioactive isotopes that remains at the highest levels in the treated water and would be released is tritium, an isotope of hydrogen is almost impossible to remove, as it becomes part of the water molecule itself. However, tritium has a relatively short half-life, which measures the rate of decay of an isotope; is not absorbed as easily by marine life or seafloor sediments, and produces beta particles, which is not as damaging to living tissue as other forms of radiation. Isotopes that remain in the treated wastewater include carbon-14, cobalt-60, and strontium-90. These and the other isotopes that remain, which were only revealed in 2018, all take much longer to decay and have much greater affinities for seafloor sediments and marine organisms like fish, which means they could be potentially hazardous to humans and the environment for much longer and in more complex ways than tritium.



Those are the facts.

GOP fired US government experts fighting RW hate in 2009.

Why We Don't Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists

Conservatives Fired The Guy Studying Them in 2009

Why Don’t We Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists?

Conservatives Fired The Guy Studying Them

AddictingInfo, JUNE 18, 2015 4:41 PM

After a mass shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, left nine people dead and a right-wing white supremacist arrested, the country once again faces the uneasy question of just how many so-called “home-grown” terrorists are out there – heavily armed, ideologically driven, and violent.

It’s a good question, but it may be tough to answer because for reasons that are astoundingly dimwitted, the Department of Homeland Security pushed out the guy who was in charge of watching them, and dismantled his team all the way back in 2009.

The beleaguered hero of this story is Daryl Johnson, a top government counterterrorism analyst working at Homeland Security who spent six years with the agency amassing a wealth of data on far-right extremist groups that posed various degrees of threat to citizens in the United States. In 2009, in the months after President Obama assumed office, he watched as these groups veered even further right, and began to fear that America’s first African-American president could be the catalyst of a major uptick in hate crimes and anti-government attacks.

In a landmark report released just months into Obama’s term, and now looks downright clairvoyant, Johnson made the case that radical Islam is only a small piece of the terrorism pie:

“Do not overlook other types of terrorist groups,” the report warned, noting that five purely domestic groups had considered using weapons of mass destruction in that period. Similar warnings have been issued by the two principal non-government groups that track domestic terrorism: the New York-based Anti-Defamation League and the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

An annual tally by the latter group of what it calls “Terror From the Right” listed 13 major incidents and arrests last year, nearly double the annual number in previous years; the group also reported the number of hate groups had topped 1,000 in 2010, for the first time in at least two decades.

In response to that report, Johnson was destroyed. It wasn’t his integrity or claims that got him in trouble, his facts were solid. Instead, it was the inconvenient truth that much of the threat comes from right-wing conservatives, and even more awkwardly, radical right-wing conservatives who say and think a lot of the same things mainstream right-wing conservatives say and think.

CONTINUED w/links...


That was from 2015.

Internet Archive Waybac, if link doesn’t work:


Bill Barr in discussions to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

This would be nice.

Scoop: Bill Barr in discussions to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

Jonathan Swan
Axios.com, May 19

President Trump's attorney general Bill Barr is in active discussions with the Jan. 6th investigative committee to appear for a formal transcribed interview, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

Driving the news: Barr is likely to cooperate with the committee, according to a source familiar with his thinking.


Barr told Trump in a meeting on December 1, 2020 that his theories about a stolen election were "bullshit."

Barr also called Trump's new legal team at the time "clownish."

"I'm a pretty informed legal observer and I can't fucking figure out what the theory is here," Barr added. "It's just scattershot. It's all over the hill and gone."


J Allen Hynek thought the Papua encounter remarkable.

The subject is fascinating on so many levels. I’ve been reading about UFOs since 1966, when I was 9 years of age. I lived in Michigan, where a flap was in progress. The newspapers weren’t afraid to print stories on what people reported. While we don’t know many answers, yet, we can learn and share, think and talk.

Here’s one of Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s favorite cases:

Papua New Guinea Sighting (1959)

William B. Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Bosinai, Papas New Guinea, observed craft-like UFOs — one with Humanoid figures on top — on two consecutive evenings, June 26-27, 1959. About twenty-five natives, including teachers and medical technicians, also observed the phenomena. They “signaled” the humanoids and received an apparent response. This was one of sixty UFO sightings within a few weeks in the New Guinea area.





Here’s audio of a lecture he made years later in Australia:

While limited in scope, the hearing Tuesday was a start.

Thanks, anarch! There are things from the “edge of reality” that are important to know.

UFO Hearing totally erased all other coverage. Not.

It is a subject worthy of discussion and investigation.

The military's UFO database now has info from about 400 reported incidents

NPR, May 17, 2022

A database of reports of UFOs now includes about 400 incidents, up from 143 assessed in a report released about a year ago, a Navy intelligence official told lawmakers at a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

The military's 2021 report said no evidence of aliens had been found. Scott W. Bray, the deputy director of Naval intelligence, told lawmakers that they still haven't uncovered anything "nonterrestrial in origin," even though there are incidents they can't explain.

None of the documented objects had attempted to communicate with U.S. aviators, and no attempt had been made to communicate with them, he said, as they all appeared to be unmanned.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/05/17/1099410910/ufo-hearing-congress-military-intelligence

The committee members did a descent job of questioning, including asking if the Navy or armed forces had fired on any object encountered. Going from memory, the witness said, “No, not on any UAP.” That ignores what the historical record shows, which includes reports of weapons fired at UFOs and their associated occupants.

In fact, the “first UFO hearing in 50 years” did all it could to put a lid on things. Too bad for those of us who want to see what data, including recordings, photographs, radar tracks, etc. There was a fuzzy “ball” they showed in a screen shot from their presenter’s laptop. More people know about Tucker Carlson’s tanned testicles than the radar-visual-photographic record.
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