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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 07:01 PM
Number of posts: 7,795

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"I call her, 'Pocahontas.'"

Trump Brings Up 'Pocahontas' At Event Honoring Navajo Code Talkers


Trump wants America to die.

Otherwise, we’d have a national strategy to fight the plague.

A strategy would include nationwide plans for:

1. Stopping the spread of the disease.
2. Treating the afflicted.
3. Protecting the healthy.
4. Protecting the healthcare infrastructure (hospitals, clinics, transportation, equipment).
5. Protecting healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, specialists, technicians, staff).
6. Preserving the economy (communities, people, workers, employers, companies, banks, etc.).
7. Recovery and reopening businesses, schools, arts, sports, culture and the rest of national life.

What else would a National strategy need to do to defeat Covid-19?

Danny Casolaro

More from Muckrock:


DU remembered


Ignore & Ignorance

Heinous Anus doesn’t do anything because he can’t do anything. Never having worked a day in his life, he doesn’t know how, let alone what to do. Thanks, Moscow Mitch.

He DOES know fabric swatches.

But, yeah. He knows nothing about hotels, golf, casinos or making money.

Trump is a moron fixated by fabric swatches.

Trump, the billion-dollar loser — I was his ghostwriter and saw it happen

Charles Leerhson
Yahoo.com, May 9, 2019


I tend to see my time with him — the first part of it, anyway, before things started going bad in a hurry — as his “King Midas” period. I never said this to him; if I had, he probably would have thought I was suggesting he enter the muffler business. But there was a stretch of months when everything he touched turned into a deal. The banks seemed to accept the version of him depicted in his first book, “The Art of the Deal,” which we now know from his previous ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, was entirely invented. They believed it over what they saw on his balance sheets or heard coming out of his mouth, and they never said no to his requests for more money. Often they came up with things he could say yes to before he could think of them himself. As a result, a failing real estate developer who had little idea of what he was doing and less interest in doing it once he’d held the all-important press conference wound up owning three New Jersey hotel-casinos, the Plaza Hotel, the Eastern Airlines Shuttle and a 281-foot yacht.

A real go-getter, right? But Trump’s portfolio did not jibe with what I saw each day — which to a surprisingly large extent was him looking at fabric swatches. Indeed, flipping through fabric swatches seemed at times to be his main occupation. Some days he would do it for hours, then take me in what he always called his “French military helicopter” to Atlantic City — where he looked at more fabric swatches or sometimes small samples of wood paneling. It was true that the carpets and drapes at his properties needed to be refreshed frequently, and the seats on the renamed Trump Shuttle required occasional reupholstering. But the main thing about fabric swatches was that they were within his comfort zone — whereas, for example, the management of hotels and airlines clearly wasn’t. One of his aides once told me that every room at the Plaza could be filled at the “rack rate” (list price) every night, and the revenue still wouldn’t cover the monthly payment of the loan he’d taken out to buy the place. In other words, he’d made a ridiculous deal. Neither he nor the banks had done the math beforehand. Or perhaps Trump knew it because someone had told him, but didn’t want to think about it. The one thing he is above-average at is compartmentalization.



And the unstable Moron can’t find a book if he’s in a library.

Heartbreaking. Hope they stay well.

The people of Prague are intelligent, cultured, and welcoming. They are unique in attitude and worldview. Home town of one Franz Kafka. And they love Frank Zappa.

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