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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 07:01 PM
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I Nominate Charlie KIRK for 'Biggest Nazi Asshole of the Day'

Charlie Kirk stated on August 16, 2021 in a radio show segment:

Joe Biden intentionally “let it fall apart” in Afghanistan because he “wants a couple hundred thousand more Ilhan Omars to come into America to change the body politic permanently.”

Source: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/aug/19/charlie-kirk/charlie-kirk-baselessly-claims-biden-intentionally/

That’s Nazi.

The story that Corporate McPravda missed.

“Our secretary of state [Mike Pompeo] signed a surrender agreement with the Taliban,” McMaster told Bari Weiss. “This collapse goes back to the capitulation agreement of 2020. The Taliban didn’t defeat us. We defeated ourselves.”

Thank you, onetexan!

Wonder if Mike Flynn & Family are in on the deal?

Nuclear reactors with Russia is what the general was alleged to be working at the orangeanation.


President Trump's Disgraceful Peace Deal with the Taliban (TIME 2020)

Here’s the back story with all the context.

President Trump's Disgraceful Peace Deal with the Taliban

Time, MARCH 3, 2020


If you read the peace agreement itself, you’ll note immediately that it gives the Taliban a series of concrete, measurable gifts. First, there’s an immediate allied withdrawal – down to 8,600 American troops (and proportionate numbers of allied troops) within 135 days. The remainder of American and allied forces will leave within 14 months.

At the same time, the United States will immediately and substantially reinforce the Taliban by seeking the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners by March 20. Even worse, the United States further agreed to a goal of “releasing all remaining prisoners over the course of the subsequent three months.” It will do this at the same time that it commits to the “goal” of removing sanctions from members of the Taliban that include travel bans, asset freezes, and an arms embargo.

The combination of the planned American retreat and the planned prisoner release would represent a substantial change in the balance of forces in Afghanistan. This would come without any agreement by the Taliban to cease hostilities against our allies.

At this point, the deal looks worse than a simple withdrawal. America can leave all on its own without also agreeing to seek the release of Taliban prisoners. It can leave all on its own without promising to ease sanctions. So why agree to the additional concessions?

America is making these concrete concessions in exchange for unenforceable promises from an untrustworthy enemy. The Taliban promise that they will not allow its members or members of al-Qaeda to use Afghan soil to threaten American national security. The promise to “send a clear message” that those who threaten the United States “have no place in Afghanistan.” Yet the agreement released to the public provides no verification or enforcement provisions for these assurances, and once America is out of Afghanistan, our ability to enforce those promises absent a new, substantial military buildup will be limited to nonexistent.



Now Trump’s deal is obvious for what it is: exactly like Trump, a disgrace.

Context Kick.

Don't Blame Biden.

Even with 20 years of active US military and full economic support, the Afghan government and its institutions couldn’t pull their nation together. That is a failure of Afghan leadership.

Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, just jetted out of the capital to safety. He left millions behind, including displaced children whose families fled generations of civil war. He’s likely heading towards billions in cash, looted by a corrupt government. Not Biden.

PS: The Taliban, a Sunni sect, have the support of neighboring Pakistan. Perhaps Putin sends military support their way via the former Soviet republics to the north. Whatever the source, the Taliban formed a militarized minority that was ruthless.

Taliban offered to give up bin Laden and Bush/Cheney turned them down.

Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over

* Taliban demand evidence of Bin Laden's guilt
* Second week of airstrikes starts
* Taliban urges US to halt bombing

The Guardian, Staff and agencies
Sun 14 Oct 2001

President George Bush rejected as "non-negotiable" an offer by the Taliban to discuss turning over Osama bin Laden if the United States ended the bombing in Afghanistan.

Returning to the White House after a weekend at Camp David, the president said the bombing would not stop, unless the ruling Taliban "turn [bin Laden] over, turn his cohorts over, turn any hostages they hold over." He added, "There's no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he's guilty". In Jalalabad, deputy prime minister Haji Abdul Kabir - the third most powerful figure in the ruling Taliban regime - told reporters that the Taliban would require evidence that Bin Laden was behind the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, but added: "we would be ready to hand him over to a third country".

The offer came a day after the Taliban's supreme leader rebuffed Bush's "second chance" for the Islamic militia to surrender Bin Laden to the US.


“ If the Taliban is given evidence that Osama bin Laden is involved" and the bombing campaign stopped, "we would be ready to hand him over to a third country", Mr Kabir added.

But it would have to be a state that would never "come under pressure from the United States", he said.



Bush/Cheney wanted war. In fact, they first wanted to attack Iraq, which had nothing to do with bin Laden or 9-11.

It's more like The Rupture.

That's where all these terrorists need go.

By definition, the Trump mob used violence as a means to achieve political ends.

They were organized and directed to interrupt Congress and overthrow an election.

Throw Donald Shitnozzle in Gitmo with all the rest of the traitors.

Corporate McPravda isn't there to inform, but to manipulate.

The guy who taught Chomsky and Herman: Alex Carey.

Details and the memo, courtesy of Greenpeace:

The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy

Additional important history to know...

Alex Carey: Corporations and Propaganda

The Attack on Democracy

The 20th century, said Carey, is marked by three historic developments: the growth of democracy via the expansion of the franchise, the growth of corporations, and the growth of propaganda to protect corporations from democracy. Carey wrote that the people of the US have been subjected to an unparalleled, expensive, 3/4 century long propaganda effort designed to expand corporate rights by undermining democracy and destroying the unions. And, in his manuscript, unpublished during his life time, he described that history, going back to World War I and ending with the Reagan era. Carey covers the little known role of the US Chamber of Commerce in the McCarthy witch hunts of post WWII and shows how the continued campaign against "Big Government" plays an important role in bringing Reagan to power.

John Pilger called Carey "a second Orwell", Noam Chomsky dedicated his book, Manufacturing Consent, to him. And even though TUC Radio runs our documentary based on Carey's manuscript at least every two years and draws a huge response each time, Alex Carey is still unknown.

Given today's spotlight on corporations that may change. It is not only the Occupy movement that inspired me to present this program again at this time. By an amazing historic coincidence Bill Moyers and Charlie Cray of Greenpeace have just added the missing chapter to Carey's analysis. Carey's manuscript ends in 1988 when he committed suicide. Moyers and Cray begin with 1971 and bring the corporate propaganda project up to date.

This is a fairly complex production with many voices, historic sound clips, and source material. The program has been used by writers and students of history and propaganda. Alex Carey: Taking the Risk out of Democracy, Corporate Propaganda VS Freedom and Liberty with a foreword by Noam Chomsky was published by the University of Illinois Press in 1995.

Source: TUC Radio

Part 1: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-one-of-two/

Part 2: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-two-of-two/
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