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What has Drumpf really done?

...I mean apart from the continuing criminal dereliction of duty, sadism, law breaking, corrupt actions, various acts of treason and sundry criminal conspiracies that have harmed America more than any enemy in history, Trump has not done one thing with his presidential power.

It’s obvious to those who watch the RNC Laugh-a-thon. They are the funniest, craziest and stupidest people I’ve ever seen on the tee vee. Tragedy is the harm they have done to the United States.

Guy isn't at all in to that sort of thing...

... promises of good faith, oaths of allegiance, vows of matrimony.

Loser the Comedy President is into so much stuff that I don’t even know if I want to know about it.

Trump Virus

“Your blood is very valuable.”

Revealed: Jared Kushner's Private Channel With Putin's Money Man

More than a dozen Trump administration officials, current and former, described a clandestine relationship between Jared Kushner and the CEO of a Kremlin sovereign wealth fund.

Erin Banco, National Security Reporter
The Daily Beast, Aug. 24, 2020


Seychelles Rendezvous

After the 2016 election, President Putin himself tasked Dmitriev directly with trying to make inroads with Trump’s transition team, according to a recent report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Robert Mueller’s special counsel report. Dmitriev got to work, actively trying to connect with members of Trump’s inner circle who would eventually wield influence in a new administration. He was particularly interested in connecting with Kushner, those reports said.

Dmitriev began his outreach to Kushner by connecting with George Nader, a Lebanese-American politico close to the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed in the United Arab Emirates who helped broker meetings with the incoming Trump administration. Dmitriev’s fund, RDIF, had co-invested with the Emirati sovereign wealth fund on a series of projects and the two men had been in frequent contact. Dmitriev invited Nader to a chess tournament and asked him to invite Kushner, though Nader never passed on the message, the reports said. Over the next several weeks, Dmitriev continued to speak with Nader about the possibility of meeting transition officials like Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. (Nader was later sentenced on child pornography charges in the Eastern District of Virginia).

Dmitriev also reached out to Rick Gerson, who ran a New York hedge fund and was a close friend of Kushner’s. According to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee report, “Dmitriev told Gerson that Putin had tasked him with developing a reconciliation plan for United States-Russia relations.” Dmitriev’s team previously pushed back on his connection with Putin in a series of articles The Daily Beast published in 2018.

Gerson told Dmitriev that he would find the right people to talk to about the plan. In the following days, the pair drafted bullet points for the plan and Dmitriev communicated that he had shared the document with Putin.

Days later, Dmitriev flew to the remote archipelago of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Executives from across the world had gathered on the island to meet with the crown prince. Several of them stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in villas overlooking the water. One of those individuals was Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, who was close with White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and throughout the campaign had tried to connect to Trump’s circle.



So Putin targeted Jared, personally. Gosh, I almost feel sorry for the guy.


Needs to be made clear to the electorate.

Trump and his GOP enablers must pretend to themselves that being in political power is real power.

Fantasy fairy tale think.

In reality, they serve Putin.

"I wish her well."

All the Ways President Donald Trump is Connected to Ghislaine Maxwell

The accused Jeffrey Epstein accomplice was a regular in the same New York–Palm Beach social circuit.


All from digitizing his stalker notes at Harvard.

Dog = 0

Fox= 10

The catalogue of coeds evolved into Facebook.

Wilbur Ross at Commerce, Cyprus, Deutsche Bank and to the recuse...

Trump's commerce secretary oversaw Russia deal while at Bank of Cyprus

Questions raised over Trump appointee Wilbur Ross and his ties to politically connected Russian oligarchs

Stephanie Kirchgaessner
The Guardian, 23 March, 2017

Wilbur Ross, the Trump administration’s new commerce secretary, presided over a deal with a Russian businessman with ties to Vladimir Putin while serving in his previous role as vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus.


Ross was appointed vice-chairman at the bank after his investment in 2014, a post he shared with a deposit holder-turned-shareholder, Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, referred to in Russian media as a former KGB official and Putin ally. According to the bank’s annual reports, the two attended two board meetings together in 2014 and as many as five together in 2015 before Strzhalkovsky’s May 2015 resignation from the board. One of the questions that has been posed to Ross by Democratic senators is whether he ever had contact with Strzhalkovsky.

One of Ross’s first big decisions at the bank was the appointment of former Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann as chairman, whom he chose in part because of Ackermann’s “huge Rolodex”, according to a 2014 Bloomberg interview.

Ackermann’s ties to Russia were especially strong, including a warm relationship with Putin and Herman Gref of Sberbank.

Peter Harrell, who served as the deputy assistant secretary for counter-threat finance and sanctions in the State Department at the time and is now an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, said Cyprus was “obviously” one of the places the Obama administration was worried about at the time because it was seen as a place that could help Russian entities evade sanctions, imposed as a result of the conflict over Crimea.



Scottish RICO: Mystery Millions for Loser Golf Resorts

The Biggest Trump Financial Mystery? Where He Came Up With the Cash for His Scottish Resorts.

Donald Trump dumped $400 million into his clubs in Aberdeen and Turnberry. Now, lawmakers in Edinburgh want to investigate him for money laundering.



Recently, a new—and perhaps bigger—threat to Trump has emerged in Scotland. Scottish lawmakers are pushing to peer into Trump’s finances using an anti-money-­laundering statute typically employed against kleptocrats, oligarchs, and crime kingpins. Their question: Where did the hundreds of millions Trump poured into his Scottish courses actually come from?


The size of Trump’s wealth is a source of great debate, but two things are fairly well known—the period between 2006 and 2014 included some of his lowest points, financially speaking, and even in the best of times, the amount he splurged in Scotland would be a ton of cash for him to have on hand, let alone spend so freely. And Trump made these Scottish investments amid a $400 million cash spending spree, documented by the Washington Post, in which he also purchased a golf club in Ireland, five courses in the United States, and several pricy homes.

The New Yorker estimated that Trump would have spent half his available cash on the purchase of Turnberry alone, concluding there wasn’t “enough money coming into Trump’s known business to cover the massive outlay he spent” renovating the property.

And the mystery deepens. Martyn McLaughlin, a Glasgow-based reporter for the Scotsman newspaper, discovered that in 2008 Trump approached a Scottish bank asking for a $63 million loan to buy and renovate a historic hotel near Edinburgh, overlooking the final hole of St. Andrews, the most famous golf course in the world. The terms he proposed were so ludicrously favorable to him that bank executives concluded Trump was asking for a “free loan,” and doing business with the developer was “too risky.” Meanwhile, Trump was touting his “very strong” cash position and his representatives were telling the Scottish public that he had more than $1 billion available to spend in their country. (The Trump Organization did not respond to questions from Mother Jones.)



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