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Kid Berwyn

Kid Berwyn's Journal
Kid Berwyn's Journal
November 16, 2023

''Your day is coming, Mr. Wray.''

Sounding like a threatening NAZI doesn't make one a real life NAZI, but it is a sign.

Conspiracy theorists have a long history of using terms like "inside job" and "false flag" to describe tragic events, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre of 2012 (which Infowars' Alex Jones claimed was really a conspiracy against gunowners). The January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol Building has been a major focus of conspiracy theorists as well —including Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana), who claimed, without evidence, that the FBI helped engineer that attack during a House Homeland Security Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 15.

Questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray, the far-right MAGA congressman claimed there is a "tremendous amount of evidence" of FBI involvement. And Higgins pushed Wray for details on the FBI's "confidential human sources at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6 here in D.C."


When Wray said he was unfamiliar with the term "ghost busses," Higgins replied, "It's a vehicle that's used for secret purposes."

The MAGA congressman told the Homeland Security Committee, "This is a very significant hearing, Mr. Chairman. And these busses are nefarious in nature and were filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters deployed onto our Capitol on January 6. And your day is coming, Mr. Wray."



Ghost busses of phony NAZIs came to Washington to act NAZI in order to discredit NAZIs makes as much sense as anything the GOP has come up with since Reagan and Poppy treasoned their way into office.

November 15, 2023

Only 1 Commissioned US Navy Ship Currently Held Captive By Another Country

There's Only Commissioned US Navy Ship That's Currently Being Held Captive By Another Country

by Samantha Franco
November 14, 2023

The USS Pueblo (AGER-2) was taken by the enemy during a time when the US military was deeply involved in the Vietnam War. The United States, hesitant to become involved in yet another conflict, left the crew to grapple with the consequences. They endured a challenging 11 months in captivity, facing harsh treatment at the hands of the North Koreans, but ultimately succeeded in securing their return home. Unfortunately, the ship remains in captivity to this day.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/there-s-only-commissioned-us-navy-ship-that-s-currently-being-held-captive-by-another-country/ss-AA1jVHJ9

For some reason, when he visited North Korea, instead of demanding the ship's release, the idiot "pee-resident" Donald J Trump saluted the bastards holding her:

November 14, 2023

America lost more than 400,000 men and women fighting NAZIs in World War II.

And today, a neo-NAZI wants to be President. Again. It's not irony, it's power and greed.

These 15 'un-American' Trump proposals are attacking 'basic principles of the Constitution': analysis

by Alex Henderson
Alternet.org, November 14, 2023


Words like "outlandish" and "unhinged" have long been used to describe Trump's ideas. But in a listicle published on August 13, The Atlantic's David A. Graham stresses that ideas Trump has been pushing on the campaign trial go way beyond "outlandish" — they are attacking the U.S. Constitution itself.


Graham cites 15 examples of "dangerous and stunning" ideas Trump is pushing.

Trump, Graham notes, (1) "promised to destroy the federal government as we know it," (2) "argued that a presidential candidate should be immune from prosecution," (3) "insulted and attempted to intimidate judges, prosecutors, witnesses, and others," (4) "continued to claim that the election was stolen," (5) "excused the January 6 riot," and (6) "entertained pardoning himself."

Graham goes on to say that Trump: (7) "menaced American Jews for not voting for him," (8) "suggested executing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley," (9) "accused NBC of treason and threatened to pull it off the air," (10) "Promised to lock up political opponents," and (11) "recommended extrajudicial executions."

Trump, Graham adds, also: (12) "called for a judge overseeing his case to be prosecuted," (13) "told voters not to bother voting," (14) "celebrated the antidemocratic strongman Viktor Orbán," and (15) "promised to indict Joe Biden."

SOURCES: https://www.alternet.org/trump-2666262441/

Trump Isn't Merely Unhinged

November 9, 2023

How Corporate McPravda got that way.

Thank you for a very important post, Uncle Joe! For those new to the subject:

The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy

Additional important history to know...

Alex Carey: Corporations and Propaganda

The Attack on Democracy

The 20th century, said Carey, is marked by three historic developments: the growth of democracy via the expansion of the franchise, the growth of corporations, and the growth of propaganda to protect corporations from democracy. Carey wrote that the people of the US have been subjected to an unparalleled, expensive, 3/4 century long propaganda effort designed to expand corporate rights by undermining democracy and destroying the unions. And, in his manuscript, unpublished during his life time, he described that history, going back to World War I and ending with the Reagan era. Carey covers the little known role of the US Chamber of Commerce in the McCarthy witch hunts of post WWII and shows how the continued campaign against "Big Government" plays an important role in bringing Reagan to power.

John Pilger called Carey "a second Orwell", Noam Chomsky dedicated his book, Manufacturing Consent, to him. And even though TUC Radio runs our documentary based on Carey's manuscript at least every two years and draws a huge response each time, Alex Carey is still unknown.

Given today's spotlight on corporations that may change. It is not only the Occupy movement that inspired me to present this program again at this time. By an amazing historic coincidence Bill Moyers and Charlie Cray of Greenpeace have just added the missing chapter to Carey's analysis. Carey's manuscript ends in 1988 when he committed suicide. Moyers and Cray begin with 1971 and bring the corporate propaganda project up to date.

This is a fairly complex production with many voices, historic sound clips, and source material. The program has been used by writers and students of history and propaganda. Alex Carey: Taking the Risk out of Democracy, Corporate Propaganda VS Freedom and Liberty with a foreword by Noam Chomsky was published by the University of Illinois Press in 1995.

Source: TUC Radio

Part 1: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-one-of-two/

Part 2: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-two-of-two/

November 8, 2023

10 Facts about Lee Oswald that make 70% of Americans Wonder...

The great DUer KurtNYC posted in 2013:

1. No Motive. Oswald was by all accounts a devoted and loving father who had a family and a long comfortable life ahead of him. There was no simmering hatred for Kennedy and apparently no delusions of grandeur or aspiration to become famous for killing JFK. No wish to impress Jodi Foster or anything similar. Nothing.

2. Oswald never confessed or took credit. Just the opposite, he asked for legal representation and never confessed to anything. Eventually Oswald said he was "a patsy." They were still trying to get a confession from him after he was shot by Ruby.

3. Oswald was a loyal Marine who given a very high security clearance and worked on the most secretive military projects of the day -- U2 spy flights over the USSR and radar operations.

4. Oswald got a hardship discharge from the USMC, allegedly to care for his mother, but then he went to the USSR instead. His mother was in good health and lived until 1981, age 74.

5. The USSR didn't believe Oswald's story or motivation for wanting to enter the USSR. They rejected his requests to defect. And then stationed him in a snowy hellhole under government observation for 3 years, until...

6. Oswald was welcomed back to the USA after his defection(?) to the USSR. He said he was "bored" and asked for his passport back and got it.

7. There was no official de-briefing of Oswald after his time the USSR. The government was running a USSR defector program to get people into the USSR, much the way Oswald went in but when Oswald came out there is no record of his being de-briefed despite Oswald being an expert on radar and surveillance.


8. Oswald becomes the solo member of "Fair Play for Cuba" and passes out flyers for the group (of one) in one of the most heavily ANTI-Castro areas of the country, New Orleans. He gets reaction only from anti-Castro people. The only address ever given for FPFC was 544 Camp Street -- a building shared with Guy Bannister among a cluster of agency related offices and a garage used by the FBI and other alphabet entities.

9. Oswald didn't have a car and didn't drive. Oswald couldn't even go to the grocery or work without help from someone else.

10. Jack Ruby has no clear motivation to shoot Oswald. Ruby leaves a lucrative business to do so and dies in prison after saying:

“Everything pertaining to what's happening has never come to the surface. The world will never know the true facts of what occurred, my motives. The people who had so much to gain, and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I'm in, will never let the true facts come above board to the world.”
November 8, 2023

She says Biden is too old and you get angry at me...

…for pointing out her husband’s age.

She’s 20 years his Junior, hence the gold digger reference.

November 6, 2023

Likely to face Martial Law, unless that's what all the AR-15s are for.

When Rep. Jack Brooks (D-TX) asked Ollie North about deputizing the Michigan Militia and so on to round up “South American immigrant protesters,” the proceedings moved into secret session. Looks like Mr. Brooks was spot-on and Ollie would become president of the NRA. We were warned, but, hey! It sounded too kooky to be true, I heard.

Neo-fascism and the religious right

John M. Swomley
The Humanist, January-February 1995

After the collapse of the Soviet Union's communist system, most Americans breathed a sigh of relief that the danger of totalitarianism had largely passed. There was a similar relief when fascism of both the German and Italian varieties was defeated during World War II.

However, few Americans ever examined the roots of fascism or its implications as they did communism. The reason is that communism by its very existence was an alternative to capitalism, and the business and news interests that determine the nature of American politics and economics have steadily proclaimed the danger and disadvantages of communism.

While there is no immediate danger of a fascist movement taking control of the United States, it is well to examine the characteristics of European fascism and note any parallels in the United States.


There is an important chapter on Oliver North in Out of Control, written by Leslie Cockburn with the assistance of other CBS personnel. That chapter discusses North's career from altar boy at Sacred Heart Church to the present, including his psychiatric treatment in 1974 after roaming around naked in a Virginia suburb brandishing a 45-caliber pistol, and his plan for suspension of the Constituion and the imposition of martial law. During the war in Vietnam, he returned to the United States to appear on William Buckley's TV show "Firing Line" to protest press coverage of the bloody My Lai massacre.


Busted old link: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1374/is_n1_v55/ai_16399959

Waybac Internet archive:


November 5, 2023

Traitors, who need traitors, are the uckyest traitors in the world.

Their love explains why Republicans don’t need the FBI counterintelligence team specializing in Russia in a way so simple a jury of their peers can understand.

Trump’s Top Targets in the Russia Probe Are Experts in Organized Crime

Some of President Trump’s favorite targets in the Russia probe have spent their careers in the Justice Department and the FBI investigating organized crime and money laundering, particularly as they pertain to Russia.

The Atlantic, AUG 30, 2018

Bruce Ohr. Lisa Page. Andrew Weissmann. Andrew McCabe. President Donald Trump has relentlessly attacked these FBI and Justice Department officials as dishonest “Democrats” engaged in a partisan “witch hunt” led by the special counsel determined to tie his campaign to Russia. But Trump’s attacks have also served to highlight another thread among these officials and others who have investigated his campaign: their extensive experience in probing money laundering and organized crime, particularly as they pertain to Russia.


Trump’s latest obsession is with Bruce Ohr, a career Justice Department official who spent years investigating Russian organized crime and corruption—an expertise he shared with another Trump target named Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence operative who provided valuable intelligence on Russia to the State Department and the FBI’s Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force prior to authoring the Trump-Russia dossier in 2016. Ohr and Steele met in 2007, according to The New York Times, and stayed in touch as a result of their shared interests and mutual respect. Trump has tweeted about Ohr nearly a dozen times this month alone, complaining about his relationship with Steele and Ohr’s wife’s past work for Fusion GPS—the opposition-research firm that hired Steele in 2016 to research Trump’s Russia ties.


Trump’s fixation with seeing Ohr ousted from the Justice Department could be perceived as yet another attempt to undermine the credibility of the people who have investigated him. It could also be interpreted as an attack on someone with deep knowledge of the shady characters Trump and his cohort have been linked to, including Semion Mogilevich, the Russian mob boss, and Oleg Deripaska, a Russian aluminum magnate close to Putin who did business with Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. (Incidentally, another Manafort associate, the Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash, admitted that he only managed to be in business because Mogilevich allowed him to be, according to a leaked 2008 State Department cable.) Ohr was involved in banning Deripaska from the U.S. in 2006, due to his alleged ties to organized crime and fear that he would try to launder money into American real estate. Nearly a decade later, Ohr and the FBI sought Deripaska’s help in taking down overseas criminal syndicates.


The president has denied having any business ties to Russia, and his dream of building a Trump Tower Moscow never materialized. But his links to Russian oligarchs and mobsters from the former Soviet Union have been documented: Millions of dollars from the former Soviet Union flowed into Trump’s developments and casinos throughout the 1990s, as the journalist Craig Unger has chronicled, as oligarchs looked for a place to hide their money in the West. The Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was once known as a hot spot for Brooklyn mobsters associated with the Russian Mafia, and quickly became the “favorite East Coast destination” of the top Russian mob boss Vyacheslav Ivankov, according to the 2000 book Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America. It was also repeatedly cited by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for having inadequate money-laundering controls.



The truth is Trump is beholden to Putin, even helping derail the career FBI investigators. I remember when patriotic Americans called that treason.
November 5, 2023

Americans who support Trump carry Putin.

The polls indicating he leads President Biden in a number of key states demonstrates the power of propaganda and the corrupt nature of America’s profit-driven news media. Otherwise, most Americans would know Trump hosted Russia’s top spies and did all he could to weaken NATO.

The photo of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and dip above was taken by TASS, the official Russian news agency. The US media were not informed about the 2017 visit. We learned about it because the Unhinged Moron himself spread the pic proudly on social media.

How many people do you know who’ve seen that picture or the one below, taken on an earlier date in the Oval Office?

“I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job," Trump said, according to The Times. "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off.”

"I'm not under investigation," he added.




November 2, 2023

Trump Davidians

A cult to reestablish the Old South, the ones who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

Steve Bannon, per Jonathan Karl


He promised them: “I am your retribution.”

By Jonathan D. Karl
The Atlantic, November 2, 2023


Waco became a rallying cry for right‐wing activists who believed that Washington, D.C., was out to get them. “Citizens’ militias” stockpiled arms and ammunition as well as food and survival gear. Some played weekend war games in vacant parking lots, on farmland, or in remote woodlands. “The ranks of the militias are made up of factory workers, veterans, computer programmers, farmers, housewives, small‐business owners,” I wrote in the book’s introduction. “The most shocking thing about these ‘paramilitary extremists’ is how normal they are. They are your neighbors. But in another sense, many members of America’s new militias live in a parallel universe, where civil war is already being waged by tyrants within the federal government.”


“[Trump’s] making a statement, I believe, by coming to these stomping grounds where the government, the FBI, laid siege on this community just like they laid siege on Mar‐a‐Lago and went in and took his stuff,” Charles Pace, a Branch Davidian pastor who knew Koresh but left the compound several years before the deadly fire, told The Texas Tribune. “He’s not coming right out and saying, ‘Well, I’m doing it because I want you to know what happened there was wrong.’ But he implies it.”

Shortly after the rally was announced, I asked Steve Bannon, who had served as the CEO of Trump’s 2016 campaign and had once again emerged as one of Trump’s most important advisers, why the former president would go to Waco for his big campaign reboot. He wasn’t coy.

“We’re the Trump Davidians,” he told me with a laugh.



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