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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,500

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"V.R.W.C." She called it.

When your megaphone can be heard coast-to-coast and around the world, you got half the battle won right there.

Every other player and party has to pay. And I do mean pay.

To level the playing field, how about we limit the length of the campaign season and provide equal air time?

Seems to trigger an automatic response in some.

From 2014:


Hoover testified there's no such thing as Organized Crime.

Then in 1957, two policemen uncovered a Mafia summit in Apalachin, New York.

Seems the Mob was blackmailing Hoover.


Pled guilty on advice of lawyer.

The evidence was handled by the Los Angeles Police Department. The story was handled by J Edgar Hoover.


Hey, Rupert! Big Lie GOP Megaphone is NOT Journalism.


JoJo from Jersey sums it up.

Let them eat fake.

Fox as an arm of GQP.

Propaganda organ of the white Reich.

Today is Presidents Day

And it's called treason when overthrowing the Constitution.

Founders thought truth essential to maintaining a free nation. That is why only one business is mentioned by name in the Constitution, the press. When they serve a traitor like Trump on January 6, they are co-conspirators.

It's called libel when people and corporations are injured.

See Dominion vs. Fox News.

Perhaps there’s another name for it when an entire country is injured.
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