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Response from many Texas Leaders :"Let us be clear: Texans want Beto O'Rourke in the White House


" Beto’s popularity with swing voters makes him not just the ideal presidential candidate for Texas, but for the critical battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida. With Beto's energy at the top of the ticket in Texas in 2018, we flipped two congressional seats, two state Senate seats, 12 state House seats, and dozens of local and judicial seats across Texas. Imagine what he would do at the top of the Democratic ticket across the country.

The very fact that Beto remains popular across party lines, while never shrinking from divisive issues — is exactly what makes him the ideal leader for our country in this moment. Beto does the hard work of bringing people together.

So let us be clear: Texans want Beto O’Rourke in the White House. With him at the top of the ticket, we can finally turn Texas blue and, in doing so, guarantee that Donald Trump never darkens our doorstep again."

Philadelphia Inquirer article on Beto

this article discusses the similarities of Beto's campaign with the movie Bulworth in which a politician starts speaking truth.


"For my entire adult lifetime — since not voting for Ronald Reagan in my first election in 1980 — American voters on the left and center-left have too often been left cold by a Democratic Party establishment and its strange conventions that fail to connect with the emotion and, too often, the raw anger of our times. And that was before Donald Trump seized the White House with racist and xenophobic demagoguery."

and closing with "People are mad as hell and Beto is the one who’s chugging from the steel flask of truth and putting it all out there right at the moment we need to hear it. There’s plenty of time to fret about what that means for an election that won’t happen for 15 months."

Beto's speech at Arkansas Clinton dinner-now at 2.1 MILLION views

here is the clip that has gone viral

And here is the entire speech (about 30 minutes)

Beto smacks down NRA on Twitter

On a day where Beto goes to an Arkansas Gun Show to share his gun control plan and bring some from the other side into the light and then gives a rousing speech at a Moms Demand Rally, Beto tops off the day with this response to the NRA


Beto at Moms Demand Rally in Arkansas https://twitter.com/susiedrapes/status/1162844468262899712?s=20

Beto at Arkansas gun show: https://twitter.com/TVietor08/status/1162782583995822080?s=20


Beto can really bring it against Republican "values" using the moral highground

Today and yesterday reminded me just how good Beto is on speaking from the high ground on moral issues.

Beto is not a great candidate to attack other Democrats on a debate stage--but I, at least, don't want that. He does shine when he makes the case against Republicans on issues like race, police violence, and gun control.

For those who haven't seen it, here is a video of Beto bringing it to church (literally) on police violence.

And below is the response on the NFL that became a viral sensation. This question was asked by a Ted Cruz supporter hoping to trip Beto up. At the time most Democratic politicians in blue states were staying pretty quiet on this--Beto is really, really good about speaking his beliefs no matter what the audience. At the time, Texas was considered ruby red--now, the latest poll has Beto beating Trump by 11 in Texas which is entirely believable with presidential year turnout.

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